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Pillar to post by duochanfan
"Harry's first year is over and he is back at Privet Drive, but not for long. Uncle Vernon has called Petunia's Aunt to come and take Harry. But the kind woman is getting on in years and sends Harry to live with her youngest son and his partner. But nothing is every easy when it comes to Harry Potter."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:sherlock  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  sherlock:au  genfic  john/sherlock  unread 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Safe Distance - Chapter 1 - merripestin - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The mother was apparently poisoned, the son seems to have killed himself playing Russian roulette. It's a murder and a suicide. Or is it a suicide and a murder?

At least the case is distracting John from the fact that sex with Sherlock was probably a mistake right from the start.

John will learn to cope, one way or another.
sherlock  john/sherlock 
9 weeks ago by unread
It's all fine by keira marcos
"I don't prey on the weak or the innocent. I could say that it would be wrong, but frankly I'd be lying to you if I said that I gave a fuck about right and wrong. I don't hunt them because they are boring and also because Mycroft said I couldn't."

fascinating. i liked this
fandom:sherlock  sherlock:au  genfic  john/sherlock 
9 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Aftermath by sheffiesharpe
Lestrade arrives at the pool after the explosion and finds someone else is already there.

This is part one of an epic, fantastic Lestrade/Mycroft story.
fic  bbcsherlock  sherlock  lestrade  lestrade/mycroft  mycroftholmes  john/sherlock  johnwatson  anthea  slowbuild  epic  series  author:sheffiesharpe  favourite 
10 weeks ago by ashtree22
Just a Touch of Lips by Salambo06
21,313 words | Two weeks ago, Sherlock kissed a blindfolded John Watson, captain of the Rugby Team, during an university event and left before he could see his face.

Neither have been able to think about anything else since.

When Mike mentions a certain student in his Chemistry class who could help John find his mysterious kisser, they both find themselves in a situation they hadn't expected.
john/sherlock  rating.nc17  20-30k  alternate.universe  college  pining  misunderstandings  texting  fluff 
10 weeks ago by leahbeex
No thank you by ihscribe
"Harry Potter declines to attend Hogwarts, and Albus Dumbledore is forced to go and convince him otherwise. Too bad he didn’t expect the boy’s father(s)."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:sherlock  crossover  harrypotter:au  sherlock:au  genfic  john/sherlock 
12 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
The Habits of a Lifetime by out_there
The idea of Sherlock and Eurus connecting over music, over anything, is terrifying. Mycroft has spent decades watching over Sherlock, talking about their fictional family dog and the myth of the east wind, trying to protect Sherlock from the things he doesn’t remember. He’s worried about Sherlock and stood guard over Eurus, and been worse than useless in the end. He was complicit. While he thought he was juggling both threats, maintaining enough control over the situation to keep everyone safe (mostly Sherlock, but the rest of the world as well), he had allowed the threat to escalate.

In which Mycroft is not an easy man to know and an even harder one to look after. Fortunately, Lestrade is diligent and determined, and knows how to pay attention to people. Where family comes with obligations, but it also cares, even when you don't want them around. Where life mostly goes as expected, but sometimes has unanticipated joys.
fic  bbcsherlock  sherlock  slash  lestrade/mycroft  lestrade  mycroftholmes  johnwatson  john/sherlock  family  author:out_there 
12 weeks ago by ashtree22
One impossible family by sophie3
"It was an unspoken rule between the Holmes brothers that one did not mention their father. John was beginning to understand why. He also gets to meet Mummy. Great fun is had by all. Particularly Mycroft."

works remarkably well. certainly better than that "sequel" that doesn't exist lalala
fandom:sherlock  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  fusion  sherlock:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  john/sherlock  ginny/harry  recommended 
august 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
AraSigyrn - 5 Times John saved a Packmate & 1 Time his mate saved him - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Originally posted for the anon-meme on LJ for the prompt
"Were!John is a social animal, and thus strongly protective and caring of what he perceives as his 'pack'. His darling mate, Sherlock, is a given. But who else would be part of Watson's pack? Mrs. Hudson? Lestrade? Mycroft?
john/sherlock  sherlock 
july 2019 by misbegotten
The transient mind by theroguelibrarian
"A roiling adventure framed by the neurotypical detail-oriented mind of Sherlock Holmes, the journey into romance, partnered casework, enemies or lovers, and a little boy with sparkling emerald eyes who begs for freedom. The question persists; the incalculable nature of magic, be it of the heart or otherwise.


The case needs to be finished, wrapped up tight in a neat little bow, thus in order to not die of sleep deprivation he needs a flatshare; enter John Watson, army veteran searching for purpose in the barrel of a gun."

updated 4/29/19
fandom:sherlock  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  sherlock:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  john/sherlock  wip 
april 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
The Bake Off Final Problem - Chapter 1 - EmmyAngua - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock is one of the judges on the Great British Bake Off, but this year it’s all going wrong. Mrs. Hudson – his fellow judge - is quitting, someone is trying to sabotage the Baked Alaska final, and all he wants some alone time with contestant John Watson.
fic  sherlock  au  GBBO  sherlockholmes  john/sherlock  rating:pg 
april 2019 by starwire
Sherlock: Desperation
Author's Summary: What do you mean you've never had an orgasm?" John asked incredulously, his eyes widening as much as his mouth. (WC: 24,198)
Sherlock(BBC)  John/sherlock  Virgin:Sherlock_Holmes  PWP  Rimming  Dildo  Fleshlight  Remote_Controlled_Toy  Edging  Polishing  Orgasm_Delay/Denial  Dry_Orgasm  WC:10000-25000  Spanking  Restraints 
february 2019 by sternfan
Star Trek/Sherlock - With Careful Hands, by Laura JV Sherlock/John
Fusion fic. One of them is a Vulcan, and I really didn’t expect it to be John, but it is. Hurt/Comfort, gender ideas, people dying, mental bonds. Well done.
startrek  sherlock  john/sherlock  sherlock/john  length:15k-50k 
december 2018 by northern
Phaedrus by xiaq
"The kid stilled, his eyes going sharp in a way that made James want to reach for his weapon. He remembered he didn’t have one, then remembered he was talking to a 12 year old the size of a cocker spaniel and he didn’t need a weapon anyway.

“Give me access to MI6’s computers and I could take over the world,” the boy said softly.

“Not exactly what we’re trying to accomplish, but an interesting option all the same,” James said, pursing his lips. “What’s your name?”


“Because, if I’m going to recruit you that’s something I’ll need to know.”"
fandom:jamesbond  fandom:sherlock  crossover  jamesbond:au  sherlock:au  bond/q  john/sherlock  unread 
october 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
How to be brave - Chapter 1 - stillaseeker - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Love is so short, but forgetting is so long - Pablo Neruda

Of all the places to run into his ex, it had to be at a Tesco's when he's wearing his bloody pyjamas. At three in the fucking morning.

(A Sherlock University AU...that has some pining!John to balance out our canon pining!Sherlock)
fanfiction  5000-10000  sherlock  john/sherlock  breakup  angst  pining 
july 2018 by blue6545
Gordian - Chapter 1 - fresne - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
On any given day, Sherlock might come out of the bathroom smelling like an Alpha on the hunt (Alpha #8) or an Omega in heat (Omega #9), a Beta brooding (Beta #3), or like no gender at all. The last one was his actual scent, which wasn't so much scentless as confusing. At least in an adult.

If Sherlock and John were the sort of people to read Mills and Boon novels, they could have said that what occurred was because destiny intervened and set two destined lovers in their one true pairings' path.

It was the lasagna.
10000-30000  fanfiction  sherlock  john/sherlock 
july 2018 by blue6545
[Podfic] Dream a Little Dream (of Me) - consulting_smartass - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Inspired by imaginejohnlock's post - Imagine John catching Sherlock having a wet dream, moaning John's name.
sherlock  podfic  pwp  smut  short  john/sherlock 
may 2018 by joyinrepetition

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