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Caught in the Middle
Words: 1.500, 존과 샘이 서큐버스의 저주에 걸리고, 딘은 두사람과 동시에 싸울 수 없다.
존딘 픽은 거의 안읽는데, 이건 딘이 두사람에게 완벽하게 체격과 힘에서 밀린다는 소개를 보곤 갑자기 보고싶어졌다. 핫하다. 짧고. 딘 angst.....
john/dean/sam  bottom!dean  top!sam  top!john  pretty!dean  cursed  dub-con  hot  pre-series  threesome  rating:NC17  fandom:SPN  length:Short  genre:angst 
september 2018 by engfordean
Our Driving Force
John has been suspicious for a while now. At least six weeks, give or take. He's not a stupid man, christ, he's far from it.
supernatural  sam/dean  john/dean/sam  voyeurism  daddy!kink 
march 2008 by castalie
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right by The Perv Collective
Another house, another town. They are the only constant in their lives. Then the boys start to grow up. John has needs and so do they.
Supernatural  slash  John/Dean/Sam  !incest  NC-17  the.perv.collective 
january 2008 by parolascritta
walk the rain by theyscreamofyou
Sam’s eyes shut, his lashes tickling your cheek, his mouth, your teeth biting down so hard, Sam’s hands are on you, but you’re thinking, Dad. Dad. Dad. And you say, “Because I love him.”
Supernatural  slash  John/Dean/Sam  !incest  NC-17  theyscreamofyou 
january 2008 by parolascritta
Splintered [Prt.1/5 ] by phantisma
And he never apologizes, and you’re never sure what that means.
Supernatural  slash  John/Dean/Sam  !incest  NC-17  phantisma 
january 2008 by parolascritta
Woodsmoke and Crisp Red Apples by saekakoto
"I promised to come back, didn't I? Thought I should keep at least one of my promises."
Supernatural  slash  John/Dean/Sam  !incest  R  saekakoto 
january 2008 by parolascritta
Time Out by vileseagulls
"You boys giving me a present then?" he says gruffly, glancing at Dean.
Supernatural  slash  John/Dean/Sam  !incest  NC-17  vileseagulls 
january 2008 by parolascritta

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