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Champagne Supernova
After the FA cup final, Joe's a mess so Shay and Micah toss him into a shower--things get progressively more out of control from there.

(this is a gangbang fic. what happens is he blows everyone. it's great. like I cannot figure out how to tag it, it is literally Man City/Joe Hart)
_fic  joehart  shaygiven  given/hart  davidsilva  adamjohnson  johnson/silva  micahrichards  genre:smut  rating:adult  length:5-10k  !moresome  !gangbang  *football/soccer  *rpf 
july 2014 by daisysusan
The thundering waves are calling me home
An island where magic and myth lives free from human interference. Half fairy tale, half Greek myth- the story of an alienated boy who documents the creatures of the island and the selkie he falls in love with.
_fic  davidsilva  davidvilla  silva/villa  genre:romance  rating:pg-13  xavihernandez  pepereina  raulalbiol  santicarloza  carlosmarchena  adamjohnson  joehart  diegomaradona  albiol/marchena  length:10-20k  !selkie  *football/soccer  *rpf 
july 2014 by daisysusan
7 life lessons from Joe Hart - Telegraph
When Hart makes an error or suffers a dip in form, he returns to his most basic training methods – agility exercises, catching and reaction drills - in order to rekindle his form.
“Golfers, basketball players, footballers and other top athletes talk about having a ‘base’ to return to,” explains Timmins. “Those basic training methods are like your ‘get out’ card. After a mistake, you go back to your base. Focusing on those simple things helps to get you going again.”
training  education  football  management  joehart 
april 2014 by benterrett

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