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Why Singapore is destined to be an 'experience hub' | Singapore Business Review
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Going Beyond the Experience - YouTube
transformations -- guiding your customers to change
the customer is the product
a customized experience where a customer achieves their aspiration
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Generation Reinvention 33: Boomers, The Experience Economy and Authenticity |
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Mass Customization | B. Joseph Pine II : Entrepreneur Book of the Day - entrepreneurdex
by paul piggy | entrepreneurdex book critic
Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a book written called Mass Customization: The New Frontier in Business Competition by B. Joseph Pine II. I can’t believe it was written in 1993 – I wasn’t even born. I ran across it in my boss’s library and I borrowed it from him without him even knowing. Oops, I guess some people might think this was an act of stealing, but I promise to return it. We all know Damir doesn’t allow anyone to borrow his books. I have to purchase my own books to do the book reviews for entrepreneurdex.

Well, maybe I’ll return it and maybe I won’t because Mass Customization is a profound book– even after all those years.

Mass Customization was revolutionary back then and it is even more interesting today because you can see how mass customization has evolved with the help of technology. Obviously, mass customization has worked really well on the digital front but it has moved along well on the analog front too.

Here’s the kicker: mass customization doesn’t work without the principles and methods of the Toyota Production System, designed by Taiichi Ohno.

With the improvements in technology today, mass customization can really make the difference. Things will really become interesting with 3D printers coming down in prices over the next five years. Chapters 7 and 8 of Mass Customization are worth the price of admission. These two chapters deal with (1) Developing a Strategy for Mass Customization and (2) Mass-Customizing Products and Services.

In the old days customization was not as important as it is today. It’s one thing to deliver customized products and services that are 100% digital, it’s another to develop customized products that still need to be manufactured.

Mass Customizationis a seminal book and it stands the test of time even today. Some of the examples may be outdated, but the principles of mass customization can be applied today and into the future. This is a must read book for entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators and investors.

In closing, Joseph gives us a great definition:

“In mass customization, low costs are achieved primarily through economies of scope – the application of a single process to produce a greater variety of products or services more cheaply and more quickly.”
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Beyond Mass Customization - B. Joseph Pine II - The Conversation - Harvard Business Review
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