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Welcome to the Jungle - Le guide de l'emploi / annonce
Site avec plein d'annonces d'emploi d'entreprises plutôt de type startup !

TRES UTILE pour une recherche d'emploi travail !
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yesterday by jcmasset
Nine Common Interview Questions That Leave A Poor Impression
The interview questions that a job candidate shouldn't ask:
"1. What Exactly Does This Company Value The Most?"
"2. Tell Me More About The Company Culture."
"3. Are There Reasons I Wouldn't Be Considered For This Position?"
"Avoid ending your interview by asking if there is any hesitation about you as a candidate. The interview should be focused on why you are the perfect fit for the company and position. Consider instead asking: 'Three months from now, how will you know you hired the right person for this position?'"

"4. What/How Can I...?"
"These questions are fine, but at the appropriate time, which is generally after an offer is received. ... Save questions about compensation, benefits and remote work options for later steps in the process.
"5. Am I A Good Fit For This Position?"
"6. What Do You Like The Most/Least About Working Here?"
"7. What Is The Compensation Package?"
"8. How Will We Measure My Success in this Role?"
"Rather than asking this clichéd question, which rarely results in an actionable answer, take the opportunity to demonstrate you understand the role and the company. Say, "After talking with you today, it seems there are some keys to success for whoever takes this role here at ABC, Inc. Do we have a few minutes to go over my thoughts?" Candidates rarely take this approach, so you're sure to impress. - Mark S. Babbitt, YouTern"

"9. What Is the Next Step After This Role?"
"We all know the purpose of this question: to show you are thinking long-term. However, poorly executed and to the wrong hiring manager, it could be an indicator that you are not really keen on the role at hand and already thinking of how to get out of it. I would suggest reframing to: "After three to four years of success in this role, what you would want me to do next for you?" - Tyron Giuliani, Selling Made Social"
Author: Forbes Coaches Council, Forbes, May 23, 2018 [date inferred from the URL]
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yesterday by katherinestevens
Use this one-paragraph cover letter to land your next job interview
"So how can you make your cover letter as effective as possible? Make it short. Emily Liou, career happiness coach at CultiVitae, says you can probably boil your full-page cover letter down to a single paragraph (or two), without rehashing your resume. Here’s how. ...
"That formulaic opening line. ...

"All those basic “job skills” that aren’t really skills. 'It seems as if everyone is detail-oriented, has strong communication skills, and is a fast learner,' Liou points out. ...

"A chronological recap of your entire work experience. ...

One great thing you’d be able to do the week you start. ...

"Tell a story. It can even be about them, not you. 'Aim to capture their attention by telling them what about their product, service, or mission really drew you to apply for this role out of all the other similar positions out there,' Liou advises. Otherwise get autobiographical and offer an anecdote, she says. 'If you have an interesting story or way you learned about the company, share this! People connect with stories and it will make your application memorable and unique.' ...

"Can you fit all this into a single paragraph? Liou says it’s possible. She sketches it out like this, using a hypothetical job opening at Netflix by way of example (in her words):

"Sentence 1: Strong opener that captures their attention: 'Confession: I recently binged two full seasons of Narcos last weekend.'
"Sentence 2: Explain why the company’s mission, product, service, etc. resonate with you so much: 'As a film and TV enthusiast with a Netflix membership since 2013, I’m impressed with the user interface and features that are continuously released.'
"Sentence 3: Share why you’re so passionate to see the company grow in the role: 'I believe Netflix has disrupted the entire entertainment business, and I would appreciate an opportunity to provide bold recommendations backed with data in the data analyst opening.'

"The next three to five sentences, Liou continues, 'would then immediately dive into background and why you’re a match.' In her example this is where you’d explain how you’d be able to start contributing to the organization right away–since you’ve already offered an anecdote in your first sentence."
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yesterday by katherinestevens
Ten Things I Learned from a Job Hunt for a Senior Engineering Role
I recently went on a search for a new full time gig and I learned that today’s job search is not what it used to be. Here’s the quick summary of what I lear...
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7 days ago by grinful
What words should you never say when being interviewed for a job? | Ladders | Business News & Career Advice
What not to say?
* "Perfectionist — another word for procrastinator'" ... Instead say "detail oriented.
* "Multitasker — another word for 'unfocused'” ... Instead say "organized, can work under competing deadlines"
* "People-person — another word for 'I don’t understand what this job entails'” ... Instead say "Collaborative, customer-focused, client-facing"
* Intelligent — another word for 'I don’t have to try'” ... Instead say "analytical, big-picture thinker, fast learner"
Author: Marilyn Mann, The Ladders, April 6, 2018
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7 days ago by katherinestevens
Formateur/ formatrice freelance : Switch Collective recrute !
poste de formateur dans une entreprise qui aide au changement, bilan de compétence, aide au changement.
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10 days ago by jcmasset

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