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Compare Schools in the Kansas City Area
Explore 2018 school ratings and statistics for public and private schools in the Kansas City Area. Find the best schools near you.
yesterday by Sergey
Digital Recruitment Agency in London | Futureheads
Futureheads is a digital recruitment agency in London specialising in a range of digital expertise. We match great digital talent to great digital jobs.
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2 days ago by ingekuijper
Looking For Work | Job Search | IC Creative
At IC Creative we keep our fingers firmly on the creative industry's pulse so you don't have to. If there's a specific opportunity you're looking for, get in touch with us today. We'd love to help you explore the latest vacancies.
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2 days ago by ingekuijper
Job: Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow, Trinity College
"Projects that the successful candidate might find themselves working on might include: supporting faculty research projects in the digital humanities; developing training programs on DH tools or methods in conjunction with other IS staff; researching undergraduate digital humanities credentials, such as certificates; teaching; or other possibilities not yet envisioned. (Not all at once! The idea is that there are a wide range of opportunities for the successful candidate both to get involved on campus *and* to position themselves well for the job market.)" Apply by March 30.
dh  forgrads  Jobs  postdoc 
3 days ago by miriamposner

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