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Mac Power Users #530: Working From Home - Relay FM
April 5th, 2020 · 77 minutes
All of a sudden, many people are working from their homes for the first time. This week, Stephen and David tap into their combined decade of experience to share some of what has worked well for them at home.
Please note that in the time between recording publishing this episode, several security issues with Zoom have come to light. We've edited what we could, but if any comments about the video calling service feel out of place, that's why. Thanks for understanding. —Stephen
Focused #96: Working From Home
Microsoft Teams
Zoom announces 90-day feature freeze to fix privacy and security issues - The Verge
10 Zoom alternatives for more secure, cross-platform video calls - 9to5Mac
The best alternatives to Zoom for videoconferencing - The Verge
Cisco Webex
AirPods - Apple
BlueParrott Wireless Headsets
Ecamm Live
Logitech-Owned Streamlabs Expands Streaming Software to Mac - MacRumors
After recording this episode, Logitech announced Streamlabs for the Mac, which is an alternative to OBS and Ecamm live.
Stream Deck
ScreenFlow Logitech 1080p HD Pro Webcam C920 Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB Microphone
Use FaceTime with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
‎Google Duo on the App Store
‎Dark Noise on the App Store
Mac Power Users #527: Dictation and Text Capture - Relay FM
Day One
HomePod - Apple
How to use Handoff with HomePod | iMore
How to make remote work, work: tips from 1Password
Jack Ryan - Season 1 | Prime Video
Hyperdrive (American TV series) - Wikipedia
Dickinson on Apple TV+
Star Trek: Picard (Official Site) Watch on CBS All Access
Two Spies Game
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch
King of Tokyo | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
Forbidden Desert | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
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USAJOBS - Job Announcement: Humanities Administrator for National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Reviews grant proposals and assess eligibility and consistency with Endowment goals.
Arranges for review and evaluation of grant proposals by peer review panelists.
Presents Division policies, procedures, and funding recommendations orally and in writing to internal and external audiences.
Promotes the work of the Division and larger goals of the Endowment to outside constituents.
Works collaboratively with other Division staff members to accomplish these duties.
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Location data says it all: staying at home during coronavirus is a luxury – The New York Times
In cities across America, many lower-income workers continue to move around, while those who make more money are staying home and limiting their exposure to the coronavirus, according to smartphone location data analyzed by The New York Times.
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Education is an end in itself not a preparation for the workplace | chronotope
It's a well observed truth that because everyone has had an education, everyone feels well placed to comment on all aspects of education. Often that takes the form of "My experience of education was like this so all education should be more/less like that." This often finds its most pure expression in the form of…
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