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Engineering Ladders linklist - squeakyvessel
Links to ladders of skills needed at each level at different tech companies.
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7 weeks ago by amsone
The most impressive resume I've ever seen—based on 20 years of hiring
6. It came through a recommendation
Not everyone will have a connection at their dream company, but knowing someone who can refer you is the most effective way to get an employer’s attention.

The fact that this resume came through a recommendation from a respected colleague played a significant role in getting me to open that PDF file. That, in addition to the few seconds I spent skimming it, was the one-two punch that made me want to know more about the candidate.

Blasting your resume everywhere won’t get you anywhere. I get sent dozens of resumes on the daily from people I don’t know, and the vast majority of them go unopened.

That might seem harsh, but here’s the truth: You should always go out of your way to get a warm introduction. If you don’t have a connection, do some research and find a friend of a friend who knows someone who has an “in.”

Then, invite your potential referrer out for coffee. Once you’ve established a genuine relationship, tell them about the job opening you’re interested in and ask if they can recommend you. If you can make this happen, I guarantee your resume will get read.
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11 weeks ago by lwhlihu
EMAIL - Weekend Briefing No. 277
How do you move from a job to a career? 1) Analyze your strengths. It takes far more energy and work to improve from incompetence to mediocrity than it takes to improve from first-rate performance to excellence. 2) Find an industry that fits your strengths. So what should you do if you love something but suck at it? My opinion is to not pursue a career in that field. Treat it like a hobby instead. A lot of people love to make music, but they are not good enough to earn a living. 3) Improve your universal skills like writing, leadership, personal effectiveness, and persuasion. 4) Start at the bottom. 5) Continually improve. Darius Foroux (6 minutes)
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june 2019 by lwhlihu
Join Schneider Electric Critical Systems And Power Your Career!
Schneider Electric Critical Systems is always looking to hire passionate employees that will help our company innovate and create sustainable energy for everyone. We have 7 full-time job openings in Columbia, MD- apply today!
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may 2019 by Adventure_Web
Job Opportunity & Vacancy - Talent Acquisition
SkillGigs is a top marketplace to find a job opportunity & vacancy. Employer looking for talent acquisition? Look no further, sign up today and begin your search!
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may 2019 by gzfrancisco

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