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What are the best job board affiliate programs? - Quora Affiliate Program - is a very popular website that helps people distribute resumes. They have one of the best affiliate programs in the industry, with a 50/50 recurring split. What does that mean? You get 50% of every sale, for the life of the sale. They have banners too. Just post links/banners to ResumeRobin around your job board and make money.
Juju Affiliate Program - Juju is a job aggregator that pays for each click you refer to them. Can be a good deal.
SimplyHired Affiliate Program - SimplyHired is another job aggregator that pays you per click, but they are a bit harder to setup, than Juju.
CareerBuilder Affiliate Program - CareerBuilder has a great program that pays you for each click you refer to them. The jobs can be either downloaded through FTP or searched returned via API.
Jobs2Web - they have a similar pay-per-click program as CareerBuilder, but do not pay as much. However, they do have quite a bit of jobs from large quality companies. Contact them to join their program.
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36 minutes ago by fallond
Should engineering managers write code? Wrong question.
I spend a lot of my time advising engineering managers and “How much code should I write?” gets asked by a lot of folks new to the role. However, focusing on how much code managers should write…
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yesterday by gilberto5757
Six signs it's time to change jobs
Your interests and goals naturally change over time, but how do you know if you’re ready for a job change? These signs might mean it's time for you to make your move.
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yesterday by andyscotuk
5 questions to ask when considering a counter-offer
Changing jobs is never easy. Before accepting a new role, you should keep in mind if you're ready for this new opportunity. Here we suggest 5 key questions to ask when considering a counter-offer.
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yesterday by andyscotuk
Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity
Programmers are most effective when they avoid writing code. They may realize the problem they’re being asked to solve doesn’t need to be solved, that the client doesn’t actually want what they’re asking for. They may know where to find reusable or re-editable code that solves their problem. They may cheat. But just when they are being their most productive, nobody says “Wow! You were just 100x more productive than if you’d done this the hard way. You deserve a raise.” At best they say “Good idea!” and go on. It may take a while to realize that someone routinely comes up with such time-saving insights. Or to put it negatively, it may take a long time to realize that others are programming with sound and fury but producing nothing.

The romantic image of an über-programmer is someone who fires up Emacs, types like a machine gun, and delivers a flawless final product from scratch. A more accurate image would be someone who stares quietly into space for a few minutes and then says “Hmm. I think I’ve seen something like this before.”
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yesterday by some_hren
Leadership communication for growing and distributed teams
2 days ago by aaroncrouch

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