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6 Powerful Resume Action Verbs for Your Resume ·
When on a mission to create the perfect resume, it is important to steer clear of overused and unimpressive verbs. No one wants to read a boring and predictable resume, full of the same old verbs over and over again.
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yesterday by mayrav
4 Tips To Improve Your Work Experience In Your Resume · ·
When writing your resume, it's important to keep in mind that you want the Hiring Manager who is reading your resume to have a pleasant experience when doing so. It can be difficult and time consuming to plow through resumes with poorly written work history.
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yesterday by mayrav
How I Interviewed My Interviewers – Gusto Engineering – Medium
A few months ago, I received an offer to join Gusto’s Payroll product management team. I had just completed a fairly rigorous interview process and was pretty excited about the opportunity based on…
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2 days ago by grinful
The latest trend for tech interviews: Days of unpaid homework | Hacker News

"When the whole industry complains about not being able to hire developers, it's not due to lack of engineering supply. It's due to lack of hiring ability. Most engineers, quite simply are terrible at interviewing, at least until someone gives some actual training and mentoring, but even that is quite rare."
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2 days ago by eric.brechemier

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