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China: AmEx finally getting a shot
QUOTE In China, AmEx, Mastercard (MA) and Visa (V) can only issue co-branded cards, typically in partnership with UnionPay. The cards use UnionPay's network for yuan payments in China, and the US companies' networks for payments abroad in dollars or other foreign currencies. AmEx now has a shot at taking some of UnionPay's business inside China. Mastercard and Visa are also seeking permission to build their own networks after Beijing last year started letting foreign card companies apply for licenses.
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Trust, security, privacy: how PSD2 will change lending [7MAR19]
QUOTE many still have concerns over data breaches under PSD2, especially when it comes to their relationships with banks, now required to share previously siloed data with third parties. Just 53 percent of customers in the U.K. said they would give their mobile numbers to their banks, for instance, showing a lack of trust, and putting a damper on Open Banking services....These security concerns are also prompting many payment providers and merchants, such as Mastercard, to rethink their approaches to privacy. The card network has partnered with Open Banking service Konsentus to add an identity and regulatory checking service to its roster of Open Banking tools and technologies. [Meanhile privacy concerns led] a French regulatory body...(CNIL) [to fine] Google the equivalent of $56 million for noncompliance with GDPR within the region, alleging that the information services company was using EU customer data for advertising purposes without obtaining clear consent
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