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Think-Tank President James DeMint Struggles With the ‘Thinking’ Part of His Job
One of the older foundational ideas of the conservative movement is that Big Government is always evil. One of the newer foundational ideas of the conservative movement is that conservatism has no historical or intellectual relationship with white supremacy whatsoever. The latter piece, being newer, is still being worked out. Watch Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint attempt to bring together these two ideas when he is asked about the Civil War:
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april 2014 by jtyost2
Yglesias Award Nominee
What was once a right-of-center oasis in rigorous social science, economics, social policy, science proper and other academic disciplines, is now a purely political operation, run by ideologues. And the consequences of replacing solid research with ever-more abstract ideological posturing are dire. A major political party is flying blind a lot of the time.
Look at the response to the ACA. Heritage once innovated several features of Obamacare; now the GOP scrambles to produce anything as a real alternative that can grapple with some of the same issues. Paul Ryan issues a report on poverty that rests on fatal misunderstandings of social science. Another potential candidate, Ben Carson, rightwing “intellectual”, Allen West, puts out a book with fake quotes pulled off the Internet. And the seriously smart ones – Ted Cruz, par exemple – specialize and revel in demagoguery they must know is irrelevant to governing.

This is the mark of a party more interested in selling books to a devoted audience, not a party capable of actually running a government. Which is why, in my view, the GOP is increasingly conceding the full responsibility of running a country in favor of a constant stream of oppositional pirouettes and rhetorical excesses. That may win a few midterms; but it will never win a general. Nor should it.
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april 2014 by jtyost2
Ted Cruz filled Republican leadership vacuum, then burned his bridges | WashingtonExaminer.com
Cruz and Lee painted differences in tactics as a lack of principle — or a sign of secret liberalism.

This burns bridges. Conservative Republicans get tired of being told they are sellouts because they take a different tactical approach. Which gets us where we are today: Most Republican senators got tired of Ted Cruz and voted for cloture on the continuing resolution.

The current form of the Tea Party Whip Operation, it turns out, is an unsustainable way to lead.

Can any Republicans find a way that works?
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september 2013 by jtyost2
This is the most infuriating kind of anti-abortion paternalism --- some creep like Jim DeMint thinking that women are too dumb to understand what pregnancy is --- or, alternatively, just wanting to punish them with an invasive test and a guilt trip for deciding they aren't ready to give birth. This is the argument that gives away the underlying sexism.
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june 2013 by jtyost2
New debate over 'working poor' - David Rogers - POLITICO.com
Jim DeMint & Scott Walker are pushing the House GOP to add a work requirement to foodstamps
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april 2013 by jtyost2
The GOP can’t shake that `47 percent’ talk
Like Romney, DeMint expands the idea of dependent people beyond “welfare” — the usual target of conservatives — to include many other Americans who benefit from federal programs. Tellingly, this doesn’t include homeowners, small business owners, or corporate executives, who receive huge benefits from the federal government in the form of tax breaks, subsidies, and tax preferences. It’s only dependency, it seems, when your income is less than six-figures.
Despite all the talk of a rift between DeMint and the GOP leadership, DeMint’s views are representative of those held by many in the Republican Party and party leaders. Paul Ryan, for example, continues to push a budget plan that would gut spending for the poor — thus ending dependency — and funnel it to tax cuts for the rich, while new senators like Ted Cruz of Texas support massive cuts to the social safety net.
In other words, there’s little daylight between DeMint and actual Republican policy. The only difference is that DeMint is willing to be blunt about his views and priorities. DeMint and the GOP both want deep cuts to the welfare state, in order to return to an idealized past where civil society took “responsibility,” and the desperately poor — apparently — didn’t exist.
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april 2013 by jtyost2
Sen. Jim DeMint's resignation a bad sign for tea party - latimes.com
Sen. Jim DeMint's surprise resignation comes as the political winds appear to be blowing against the South Carolina Republican and the conservative movement he has spoken for.
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december 2012 by ahasteve
Fare Thee Well, Spiritual Warrior Jim DeMint
At 61, DeMint is not looking for a quiet retirement. 61 is not very old for a U.S. Senator. Rather, he stated yesterday that his goal is to exert even more political leverage than was available to him as a member of the world’s most powerful legislative body. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, DeMint conceded that while he wields “enormous power” in his current capacity, assuming the Heritage Foundation presidency will afford him greater power. (You may have noticed that accrual of “power” is a key theme.)
“They were hoping and praying for a few members of Congress to stand with them,” DeMint wrote in a 2011 memoir, The Great American Awakening: Two Years that Changed America, Washington, and Me. “Something deeply spiritual was happening in the nation.” For him, the “Tea Party movement” was a fundamentally “spiritual” movement to change the moral character of America, not a movement principally focused on reigning in nebulous “spending.”
As president of an agenda-setting “Establishment Republican” institution, DeMint’s campaign of spiritual warfare is destined to continue.
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december 2012 by jtyost2
Two Senate Seats in South Carolina, but Few Democratic Prospects
Mr. DeMint’s retirement could conceivably help Mr. Graham, whose approval ratings in South Carolina are middling. Mr. Graham also draws the ire of some Republicans for being seen as too willing to compromise with Democrats, making him potentially vulnerable to a primary challenge.

If the stronger Republican candidates are drawn toward competing for Mr. DeMint’s former seat instead, Mr. Graham could be spared a difficult test. On the other hand, some of the candidates whom Gov. Nikki R. Haley might appoint to fill Mr. DeMint’s seat for the next two years, like Representative Tim Scott, are viewed as having bright political futures while being more reliably conservative than Mr. Graham, meaning that Mr. Graham could still be the more vulnerable target in a Republican primary.

Opportunities for Republicans to ascend to the Senate in South Carolina ought to yield competitive primaries because there is a large supply of well-qualified candidates.

All nine of South Carolina’s elected executive officials, from the governor, Ms. Haley, to the agriculture commissioner, Hugh Weathers, are Republicans. In addition, six of the seven representatives that South Carolina will send to the United States House in January are Republicans; the exception is the Democrat James E. Clyburn, who represents South Carolina’s majority-black Sixth Congressional District.

The abundance of Republican elected officials in South Carolina precludes Democrats from having much of a “bench” in the state — and may prevent them from making a strong run at either Senate seat in 2014.
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december 2012 by jtyost2
Jim DeMint and the death of think tanks
Heritage has always been an unusually politicized think tank. As Troy recounts in his essay, it was founded by conservatives who thought the America Enterprise Institute was inexcusably reluctant to involve itself in politics. They relied on campaign techniques like direct mail to raise money and worked aggressively to play a friendly, advisory role to the Reagan administration.
Yet even the Heritage Foundation is headed by a former policy guy: Edwin John Fuelner Jr. began his career at the Center for Strategic and International Studies before moving to the Hill and becoming the director of the Republican Study Committee, the policy arm of House conservatives.
But DeMint doesn’t have even one foot in the policy world. He’s a politician who made his mark practicing a particularly hard-edged form of electoral politics: raising money to undermine insufficiently conservative Republicans. Heritage, which now has a direct political arm in the Heritage Action Foundation, isn’t just bringing in a politicized policy wonk. It’s bringing in an unusually politicized politician. That’s breaking new ground.
None of this is a criticism of DeMint, or evidence that he won’t be effective at making Heritage an even more significant voice on the right. He just isn’t the guy who’s going to make it a more intellectually honest and creative force on the right. Which is a shame, because the right could use more intellectually honest think tanks. Their problem in the last few years has been that they’ve had a dearth of ideas and an excess of extremely conservative politicians. A place like Heritage could, under the right leadership, help reverse that trend. Now it’s poised to accelerate it. And if DeMint is successful at raising money and becoming more influential on the right, other think tanks will likely try to replicate his model.
“At a moment when we have too much noise in politics and too few constructive ideas,” warned Troy, “these institutions may simply become part of the intellectual echo chamber of our politics, rather than providing alternative sources of policy analysis and intellectual innovation.”
Heritage, far from trying to break the echo chamber, is trying to become the first voice in the chorus.
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december 2012 by jtyost2
BBC News - Jim DeMint, Tea Party US senator, quits
US Republican senator and Tea Party champion Jim DeMint is resigning to lead a conservative think tank.

His office said the South Carolina politician would become president of the Heritage Foundation next month.

The 61-year-old Republican was first elected to the Senate in 2004 and won a second term in 2010.

South Carolina's Republican Governor, Nikki Haley, will appoint his successor, who will serve until a 2014 special election.
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december 2012 by jtyost2
Jim DeMint | Libertarianism | Jim DeMint's libertarian lesson | The Daily Caller
Rick Santorum has said: “I fight very strongly against libertarian influence within the Republican Party and the conservative movement.” Sen. DeMint says: “I’d like to see a Republican Party that embraces a lot of the libertarian ideas.” Not surprisingly, Santorum has spent most of his political career promoting big government. Not surprisingly, DeMint has spent most of his political career fighting it.
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january 2012 by cboyack
The Salt Lake Tribune: Mike Lee wants to be first politician with his own super PAC
But it appears that Lee wants to emulate, if not revolutionize, the support he received from Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.

DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund spent $190,000 in independent expenditures to support Lee’s 2010 campaign, according to a Sunlight Foundation review. Lee was one of a handful of candidates that DeMint bankrolled, with the money covering general campaign expenses such as mailings and polls.
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december 2011 by sunlightfoundation
Rand Paul out-DeMints Jim DeMint - Manu Raju - POLITICO.com
Move over Jim DeMint — you’ve got new competition.

For the past four years, the South Carolina conservative has repeatedly put his Senate GOP colleagues in awkward positions, forcing them to take stands that pit them between their conservative base and Republican moderates. But in the opening weeks of the new Congress, freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has commanded a high-profile role as a conservative aggressor, proposing measures that go further than DeMint’s and would implement his libertarian political philosophy.

DeMint has proposed cutting $250 billion per year for the next decade. Paul has proposed $500 billion worth of cuts for just one year. Paul has vowed to oppose on constitutional grounds an extension of the PATRIOT Act, an anti-terrorism law DeMint has repeatedly backed in the past.

While DeMint supports Paul’s goal on budget cutting, he said it’s a “political quagmire” to pinpoint specific programs to cut before Republicans try to push through a constitutional amendment to force Congress to balance the budget.

Paul, on the other hand, has already laid out an aggressive series of cuts — including ones slashing foreign aid to Israel. DeMint has said it’s a “real mistake to suggest we might reduce support to Israel.”
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february 2011 by cboyack
44 - Rand Paul announces Senate Tea Party Caucus
Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Friday announced the formation of a new Senate Tea Party Caucus, taking a formal step toward uniting members of the movement in the 112th Congress.

Paul and Sens. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) will be the group's inaugural members, according to a joint statement released by Paul's office.

"Republicans in the Senate have already made a pledge to end earmarks and fight for a balanced-budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution," Paul said in the statement. "By joining with my fellow Senators, Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Mike Lee of Utah, as well as grassroots groups who see the need for government reform, the caucus will work to enact real change to protect our country and its taxpayers from an ever-expanding government."

Lee described the tea party movement as "a movement of everyday Americans who have grown tired of Washington playing by their own set of rules."

"Americans have elected us to be responsible caretakers of their hard-earned money and freedom, and the formation of this caucus gives us the opportunity to listen to the American people and do what they elected us to do," he added.
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january 2011 by cboyack
Tea Partier Mike Lee: The ‘future Jim DeMint’ of the Senate? | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment
Steinhauser, referencing the conservative godfather from South Carolina, described Lee as “the future Jim DeMint.” He also said he could see Lee becoming “DeMint’s key lieutenant.”

Lee has a simple vision of his role as a senator: “I do intend to be a faithful and consistent advocate of the principles I believe in, including the idea embedded in our Constitution that the powers of the federal government are limited in their scope.”
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december 2010 by cboyack
ThinkProgress » Coburn, DeMint Block National Women’s History Museum Because ‘Quilters’ And ‘Cowgirl’ Museums Already Exist
Coburn, DeMint Block National Women’s History Museum Because ‘Quilters’ And ‘Cowgirl’ Museums Already Exist
This week, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) made the “unilateral decision to end legislative activity in the Senate.” In co-opting complete control of Senate business, DeMint has picked up the mantle of veteran obstructionist Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) in blocking any bill that does not meet his personal “parameters.” Now, both Coburn and DeMint have joined forces to target a bill celebrating women’s history.
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november 2010 by Quercki

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