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Climate change goes on
2016 weather records shows global warming trends have been greater than average in recent years.
JHM  GlobalWarming  ClimateChange  Arctic  ice 
march 2016 by chrisjj
Florida underwater?
The lastest estimates are that more than 10 million Americans will have to move by the end of the century because of global warming. Florida will be badly hit. Read this report in New Scientist.
JHM  Florida  climate  change  global  warming  flooding  flood 
march 2016 by chrisjj
Modified mosquitos
Florida plans to release genetically modified mosquitos to help prevent the spread of Zika virus, dengue fever and yellow fever.
JHM  Florida  Zika  virus  mosquito  genetic  modified 
march 2016 by chrisjj
Gravitational waves
Gravitational waves have been detected for the first time, opening up the possibility for new discoveries about violent events and heavy objects in the universe.
JHM  Einstein  Gavitational  wave  gravity  detection 
february 2016 by chrisjj
Turkey to invade Syria?
It's possible Turkey is seriously considering an invasion of Syria. There are various factors in their thinking; this report in The Independent examines the issues and possibilities.
JHM  Syria  Turkey  Russia  USA  Kurds  Rojava  Jarablus  Tishrin  Manbij 
february 2016 by chrisjj
Draft EU deal
David Cameron has a 'preliminary deal' but there's a long way to go yet.
JHM  EU  European  Union  David  Cameron  UK 
february 2016 by chrisjj
Paper books or E-books?
E-books are used in about two-thirds of schools across America, says the School Library Journal. But their use in English schools is sporadic. The National Literacy Trust has been conducting research over the past year to understand their impact.
JHM  read  reading  book  e-book  ebook  paper  school  education 
february 2016 by chrisjj
Truly strange font
This font, inspired by Escher's 3-D illusional drawings, will cause people to stop and look twice.
JHM  Escher  font  3-D  ocymora 
june 2014 by chrisjj
People on Mars by 2026
That's what Elon is aiming for. And as always he really means business. He's not just looking to land and return an expedition or two; he plans to send people to stay and colonise our neighbour planet.
JHM  :TEC  :SPA  Mars  SpaceX  Elon  Musk  colony 
june 2014 by chrisjj
Ideas for future cities
MIT Media Lab's Kent Larson offers some thoughts on how the central zones of cities might be built (or reconfigured). He expects them to be much more usable than the centres of today's cities, designed for walking, working and living.
JHM  :SOC  :TEC  livable  megacities  Kent  Larson  MIT 
june 2014 by chrisjj
D-day landings
Here are some amazing images, pairs taken 70 years ago and today. Simply click the photo to cross-fade from old to new and back and see how so many places have changed yet remain the same.
JHM  :PHO  :HIS  history  interactive  photography  photos  D-Day  WW2  war 
june 2014 by chrisjj
An alternative to antibiotics
Bacteriophages (phages for short) are viruses that infect and kill bacteria. They have been used medically to combat infections for many years in Eastern Europe and have the potential to target antibiotic resistant strains of disease causing organisms.
JHM  :SCI  :MED  phage  bacteriophage  bacteria  disease  antibiotic  resistance  medicine  medical 
june 2014 by chrisjj
ARM or Intel on servers?
Cavium is bringing out ARM chips to challenge Intel's Xeon dominance on high end servers. ARM CPUs already have a hold on the low end, competing with Intel's Atom family. But now we may see low wattage ARM hardware in heavy duty servers too.
JHM  :TEC  :COM  ARM  Cavium  Intel  Atom  Xeon  server  low  energy  power 
june 2014 by chrisjj
Internet from space
Google plans to launch a large fleet of low flying small satellites to provide global internet access. The scheme will cost at least $1 billion and initially involve 180 satellites.
JHM  :TEC  :SPA  Google  space  internet  satellite  coverage 
june 2014 by chrisjj
A surprise flower
What happens when you cross pollinate Hippeastrum flowers and grow the seeds? Nobody knows! The result may be a stunning new cultivar, or it may be totally ordinary.
JHM  :BIO  CJTp  plant  breeding  seed  pollination  Hippeastrum  flower 
june 2014 by chrisjj
Dragon V2 Unveiled
A few days ago, Elon Musk unveiled SpaceX's latest spacecraft - Dragon V2. The current version of Dragon carries cargo to and from the International Space Station (ISS). The new version is designed to carry up to seven crew members into orbit, to the ISS or other destinations.
JHM  :TEC  space  travel  SpaceX  Dragon  V2  astronaut  spaceflight  spacecraft  orbit  crew 
june 2014 by chrisjj
Finding Carol
Sometimes Jesus just surprises us. Sometimes we surprise ourselves. Perhaps both of these things happen more often when we are open, and actively so. Something like this happened recently to a couple of friends and, although I came late to the action, I did get to play a small part.
JHM  JHMp  faith  Jesus  journey  prevenience 
may 2014 by chrisjj
A car with no steering wheel?
Google has been modifying Toyota and Lexus cars for years, fitting them with sensors and computers so they can drive automatically. Now they have developed a dedicated prototype that drives itself and needs no controls. The video show people's reactions when they see and get to have a ride in this car.
JHM  :TEC  car  vehicle  self  driving  drive  Google  automatic 
may 2014 by chrisjj
Awesome HD video of Earth
Skybox is building relatively small and cheap satellites using industry standard (non-space) hardware. The satellites carry cameras to provide both still and video data at resolutions up to 1 m.
JHM  :TEC  :PHO  Skybox  Imaging  photo  satellite  earth  video 
may 2014 by chrisjj

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