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The Myth of American Meritocracy, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review
American Jews are certainly a high-ability population, but the innate advantage they have over other high-ability white populations is probably far smaller than is widely believed.
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3 days ago by foliovision
Unz Goes Nuclear, by Israel Shamir - The Unz Review
Chances of a smart non-Jewish “white” American kid getting there are ten-fold lower than that of a Jew. There are ten times more smart non-Jewish white American kids than smart Jewish kids, but there are more Jewish students in the Ivy League than white non-Jews.
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3 days ago by foliovision
Kristallnacht photos
Horrible pictures of happy Nazis destroying Jewish homes, businesses, places of worship
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5 weeks ago by nelson
This is dangerous. is a fanatic who would put the lives of , , & at risk in de…
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6 weeks ago by jstenner
The Misguided Rabbis of Twitter / by David Wolpe (Tablet Magazine)
“Mr. Samet, a Holocaust survivor, escaped death by four minutes because he was a little late to shul. He is also a strong supporter of Trump. Frank, Julia: Would you stand before this 80-year-old man, not in a tweet or online piece, but face to face, and tell him he is responsible for the death of his friends, the people with whom he prays each Shabbat? Would you bar him from the shul where he almost died, again, at the hands of Jew haters? Really? And that would make us the righteous ones?”
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7 weeks ago by cbearden

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