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May and Hammond should listen to NHS chief’s demands for more cash | News | The Times & The Sunday Times
Tory re-org was always to shift blame away, remove the political football, the NHS is. and make trusts, ccgs, execs accountable responsible to deliver. - that did not happen. Jeremy Hunt can say CCGs are accountable to deliver more mental health w extra money spending, accountable if they don't allocate spend it. ... WELL. Public doesn't see it that way
NHS  Privatisation  crisis  accountability  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  Politics  Policy  outsourcing  Andrew  Lansley 
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Jeremy Hunt's GP recruitment pledge in tatters as 1,000 full-time NHS doctors quit last year | The Independent
Despite £20,000 incentives to attract trainees and attempts to hold on to senior staff, the NHS is now 1,200 GPs further away from its target of recruiting an extra 5,000 GPs by 2020 than when it was first set by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in September 2015.

The Department of Health baseline at that time was 34,592 full-time GPs, but two years on the September 2017 figures show overall numbers stand at 33,302. &!
NHS  GP  staff  shortage  recruitment  hiring  locum  A&E  Austerity  healthcare  demand  sickcare  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  ageing  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Junior  Doctor  contract  burnout  stress  part-time  Nurses  paycap  CEP  STP  rationing  referral  waiting  time  treatment  delay  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  Privatisation 
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A Budget For Better Mental Health?
as long as jeremy hunt, in law, does not force CCGs to spend allocated £ ONLY on mental health. additional mental health funds will be continued to be misappropriated by CCGs to plug other holes. and wait lists.
NHS  mental  health  CCG  Jeremy  Hunt  Austerity  Politics  Privatisation  accountability  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay 
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These little-known opaque bodies could run health services. Are they legal? | Denis Campbell | Society | The Guardian
divorcing NHS failure from politics westminster and health minister. as jeremy hunt says ccgs are accountable: eg mental health spending.
NHS  England  ACO  Privatisation  accountability  Politics  Austerity  CCG  STP  CEP  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  rationing  waiting  times  CQC  treatment  delay  excess  death  patient  safety  outsourcing  PFI 
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NHS battle for money: Where will it end? - BBC News
[ Simon Stevens could walk away, creating a new crate for May's government, as BOE Mark Carney did not extend his BOE gov role beyond Brexit ] If there is a significant financial settlement for the NHS in England, Mr Stevens can claim vindication for his strategy.
But if there isn't, he is faced with a difficult choice - either soldier on with a service under great strain and his five-year plan objectives under threat, or walk away.
He will be well aware of the risk he has taken with his speech.
But perhaps he is ready to go if he has to, arguing that at least he tried to get the NHS the money it needed. &! - Head of NHS England demands more money (Channel 4 News) &! One short picture of the winter crisis last time around 16/17 - &! 13/14 -
NHS  Austerity  Simon  Stevens  Crisis  winter  Theresa  May  Philip  Hammond  Jeremy  Hunt  CEP  STP  CCG  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  GP  A&E  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  adult  social  care  elderly  sickcare  demand  healthcare  chronic  sick  population  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  overweight  obesity 
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NHS could 'pop' without emergency cash boost, health bosses told | Society | The Guardian
The Treasury wants the NHS to show that it is “straining every sinew” before it receives any budget boost. He added: “I hope it [extra money] comes in this budget but at some point it needs to come. If it’s not this budget, it needs to be a budget in the future, hopefully before things pop.” The exact scope of what care the NHS can be expected to provide would need to be “reset” and some forms of care “deprioritised” unless its budget goes up beyond the small increases ministers have already planned, Mackey said
&! needs minimum 4bn injection. &! - The health service should get the cash boost it was promised during the EU referendum, the head of the NHS in England is expected to say later. Simon Stevens will use controversial claims used by Vote Leave to put the case for more money in a speech later. &! &! - NHS waiting list could soar to 5m without urgent cash, chief warns Simon Stevens risks his job by urging government to spend £20-30bn more annually to bring service in line with France, Germany and Sweden
NHS  Crisis  Austerity  healthcare  demand  sickcare  winter  waiting  times  treatment  delay  rationing  budget  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt 
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Jeremy Hunt: Is government on track with more GPs promise? - BBC News
[ Yet another empty Tory Promise/PR line ] But the latest figures published by the NHS show that there are actually about 350 fewer GPs now than there were in 2015, when the target was announced. &! Golden Hello For Rural GP's announced 20k!
NHS  GP  staff  shortage  locum  recruitment  training  hiring  Jeremy  Hunt  Austerity  Simon  Stevens 
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No one can save the Tories | British politics | For Europe, Against the EU | Politics | spiked
The talk of May doing a Michael Howard, the nadir of the Tories previous electoral irrelevance who allowed the space for the Cameroons to emerge, misses the point. PR man Cameron may have been a hollow technocrat, but at least he at least had a strategy: turning the Conservatives into New Labour. The Tories now have neither a play nor principle in mind. Everywhere you look you see a party bereft of vision. [...] The last few weeks of broadsheet tittle-tattle and political melodrama has only confirmed that the Tory Party has no idea what it stands for or who it represents. It’s a relic of the last century, a zombie party. Theresa May, the ‘dead woman walking’ in No10, is precisely the kind of leader it deserves. &! &!
Conservative  Party  nasty  Tories  Tory  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Theresa  May  Brexit  Leadership  Jeremy  Corbyn  CPC17 
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Royal Cornwall hospital put in special measures after patient deaths | Society | The Guardian
Royal Cornwall Hospital, Cornwall Country, South England ... yet another one cant handle demand w given resources. // CQC put in place by tories/jeremy hunt, to do for him the clean up, otherwise if he would have to respond help w more money and clean up he would have been long gone. its outsourcing of responsibility and accountability at best, same w CCGs and re-org, tenders/privatisation, market mechanism. // see cancer surgery delay = add to excess death. same w bed blocking news, that bed blocking leads to excess deaths eg infection risk. malnutrition. wasting of muscles. &!
NHS  England  STP  CEP  Austerity  CQC  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Privatisation  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  baby  boomers  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  premature  Cancer  bed  blocking  bedblocking  Council  social  adult  elderly  Disabled 
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NHS plans to introduce an 'App' for staff to 'work extra hours at short notice' - VIDEO: HUNT – “I’LL GIVE NURSES AN APP TO WORK LONGER AT SHORT NOTICE” //&! Several changes to nursing education were also announced during the conference including; increasing the number of trainee nursing associates and introduce nursing apprenticeships. apprenticeship nurses! are you kidding me!? // from reg nurses w work experience and college/uni time to nursing associates to apprenticeship nurses! // Jeremy thinks you can catch patient safety w Nursing for Idiots. As well as allowing family to wash their relatives. // [...] [ending free nurse training = policy blunder bc also pay cap, austerity, not valued = training numbers down] Mr Hunt's announcement begs a big question - why is the Government flagging up a route to nurse qualification with no tuition costs at the same time as scrapping free tuition for student nurses? Could the Health Secretary have realised that making nurse trainees pay for their tuition might deter future applicants?
NHS  Nurses  Junior  Doctor  gig  economy  1099  on-demand  Jeremy  Hunt  Brexit  immigration  EU  staff  recruitment  Austerity  remuneration  Crisis  staffing  hiring  locum  CEP  STP  rationing  waiting  times  delayed  treatment  bedblocking  Council  bed  blocking  Simon  Stevens  quality  patient  safety 
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