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CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS // REAL PEOPLE Prompt Post // October 1-15: spnkink_meme
Jared and Jensen are fairly newly mated - less than a year - and Jensen is either pack Alpha or future pack Alpha. Jared is either from another pack or an orphan or from a not very old bloodline (or all three!) like the Ackles. But they are true mates and nothing can split them up. Danneel (or OFC) comes back to the pack - she was either part of the pack or daughter of another pack Alpha close by - and Jensen is thrilled to see her. They were friends and dated for a while - two or more years - but she left to go somewhere and Jensen wanted to start looking for his TRUE mate. Danneel/OFC tries to come between them, tries to convince Jensen that Jared isn't worthy of being his mate. Jared is afraid that maybe she's right. Jensen gets very angry - he loves Jared - and is very protective of Jared, defending him. Turns out Danneel thinks Jensen is her mate - even though he isn't - and doesn't care if he's with Jared, he should be with her. Happy ending for the J's. Only bottom omega!Jared. Please don't reprompt or repost with alterations.
insecurity  jensen/jared  alpha!Jensen  omega!Jared  a/b/o 
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CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS // REAL PEOPLE Prompt Post // April 1-15: spnkink_meme
When Jared and Jensen first meet it's not the best circumstance. Jared is trying to rob him - well 'borrow' food from his kitchen actually. Jensen is a wealthy rancher who leads a good life has been raised a true Texas gentleman, Jensen is unruffled and even a bit amused by Jared's panicked expression. Jared will do *anything* to avoid the police is already kneeling for god sake, so Jensen offers a truce. No police but Jared will stay the night (no NOT like that Jared) and in the morning help out to pay off his theft. There's something about Jared that raises all sorts of questions for Jensen, and he IS a gentleman, he's not an idiot, and gets a friend to run a background check on Jared. It's not...pleasant. So Jensen comes up with a better deal: Jensen needs a hand with running his huge ranch, so Jared lives with Jensen for free and helps at the ranch in return They of course fall for each other but no one's past lets go easily. Bottom!Jared only please. Please don't repost with alterations.
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CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS // REAL PEOPLE Prompts Post // June 1-15: spnkink_meme
After (supposedly) infertile Omega!Jared's abusive Alpha husband dies, he's kicked out of his second pack (his parents kicked him out when he became an Omega).

The Ackles' pack takes him in and are horrified by what he went through. Jared starts to fall in love with Alpha!Jensen, but has trust issues. Jensen makes sure Jared knows he's loved and didn't deserve the years of abuse he suffered.

They're absolutely shocked when Jared ends up pregnant.
(only bottom!Jared please)
werewolves  jensen/jared  omega!Jared  alpha!Jensen  Abused!Jared 
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The Billionaire and the Bandit
Jensen Ackles is a wealthy rancher who deals in race horses. When some of his horses go missing, he sets up a trap to catch the thieves. He catches...Jared Padalecki. Jared has a very low opinion of Jensen but agrees to work off his debt on the ranch.20,791
jensen/jared  first-kiss  horses  romance 
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After being framed and thrown into jail, Jared is advised by his friend to get some protection when the other inmates take an interest in him. Jared knows his cell mate is his best option. But Jensen's a cold-blooded killer. And Jared isn't sure if he's safer with him rather than trying his luck alone.6,674
jensen/jared  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  barebacking  dub-con  protective!jensen 
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All I Want For Christmas
Jared and Jensen don't know each other, but they end up crashing in the same apartment over Christmas. When Jensen learns Jared isn't in to Christmas, he becomes determined to give Jared a Christmas to remember. When Jared meets Jensen's douche-bag ex, he determines to help Jensen show Jensen's over him. One thing leads to another...11,902
jensen/jared  romance  pining  first-time  college!fic  fake-couple  christmas  friends-to-lovers 
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The Executives
These are two very hot men who are the top executives of their own companies. They meet on a vacation and instant sparks ensue. This is hot, fun, cute and a little tender at times. Some moments of angsty hurt comfort with protective Jensen, but not a lot. It’s mostly a fun falling for each other story...and it’s cold as hell outside so I wanted a beautiful beach with warm sand in there.
jensen/jared  romance  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  protective!jensen  first-time 
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The Bleeding Heart Left on the Shelf
A lot happens in nine years, everything in his life passing him by. When he wakes up after nearly a decade in a coma, he's mighty grateful for a second lease on life, but there’s far too much that’s changed, and yet so much that remains.23,070
jensen/jared  hurt!jensen  established!relationship  cheating  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen 
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The Guy Next Door
Jensen hates his new neighbor. Jared is loud, obnoxious, and too damn hot.11,929
jensen/jared  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  asshole!jensen  first-time  pining  romance 
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Autumn Junction
College student Jared finds himself all-but adopted by a bar owner, Danneel, and her boyfriend Jensen, who love taking care of him. Jared can't stop thinking about being with both of them.3,284
jensen/jared  jensen/jared/daneel  treesome  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  first-time  age!difference 
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2nd Choice
Jensen is a young model in New York on a party he meets the artist Misha Collins a new star in the world of art. What follows is an intens live with the eccentric artist. When Jensen follows his own interest the relationship breaks appart and a new man stepps in Jensens life.6,206
jensen/jared  jensen/misha  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  top!jared  bottom!jensen  NC-17  break-up  asshole!misha 
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The (reluctant) adventures of Rockles and JPad
When retired space pirate Jensen hears the system is at risk, he fires up the Impala and heads out to save the world. What he doesn't expect is a third contender; Jay is everywhere he turns and soon, they're irretrievably entangled as they're forced to work together.21,679
jensen/jared  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  pirate  first-time 
27 days ago by Misspookielo
Heaven Sent
Echoing in the deepest depths of space, a humble prayer ascends: One from Jared Ackles-Padalecki, a smart, handsome business man who asks that his husband find the strength and wisdom to let go of their 9 year marriage. While a second prayer simultaneously comes from Jensen Ackles-Padalecki, a hopelessly romantic artist who asks that his husband receive the strength and wisdom to hold on. From these humble pleas, comes an answer in the form of a little miracle (an 8 year old runaway from heaven) who takes it upon herself to rekindle the once intimate friendship and romance that has slowly, but surely slipped away from Jared and Jensen due to a heart-wrenching loss. Using all of her skill and charm 14,092
jensen/jared  established!relationship  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  mpreg  break-up  NC-17  romance  christmas 
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Two Hearts [Are One]
Jared is a prince who can only become King through marriage to one of Dragonkind, but not just any dragon. Jensen is his match, predestined by the gods, and he has waited for Jared to come along for a very, very long time.

Their wedding night is one centuries in the making.
jensen/jared  dragon  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  royalty  NC-17  first-time  mating  romance  age!difference  virgin!jared 
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Drink From the Flame
Principal Ackles is infatuated with 17-year-old Jared. Unfortunately, so is Jensen's son.4,415
jensen/jared  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  underage  age!difference  cheating  daddy!kink  angst 
27 days ago by Misspookielo
Flowers, Siken and Tolkien
Jensen Ackles has always been a love them and leaves them kind of alpha until he met library clerk the sweet and shy Jared and Jensen knew Jared was different and began doing something he never did before he began courting Jared.3,459
jensen/jared  a/b/o  Alpha!Jensen  Omega!Jared  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  shy!jared 
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Maybe It's Time
"Reports confirm long-time bachelor and iconic rock star, Jensen Ackles, skipped his band’s legendary afterparty last night in favor of returning to his hotel with his new love interest, Jared Padalecki. The two were spotted both before and after the show, with those close to Ackles speculating he may have finally found ‘the one’. Could this be love? Could Jared be the one to tame Jensen Ackles for good? Could J2 be the future of rock-‘n-roll?”24,931
jensen/jared  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  romance  shy!jared  rockstar!jensen 
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On the Wind of Morning
A dragon has seemingly made a home of the old ruined castle just outside Jared's village. But when it hasn't moved from its perch upon the highest tower in nearly a week, Jared sets out to investigate.5,842
jensen/jared  dragon  romance  fantasy  hurt/comfort 
27 days ago by Misspookielo
Follow The Stars
Jensen goes to sleep single and wakes up married.15,546
jensen/jared  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  fantasy  mermaid!Jared  fairytale 
27 days ago by Misspookielo
We're Cooler Than Hallmark
After ten long years Jensen Ackles is coming home. He left his life in California after his wife cheats on him and leaves him, and their two children. He heads back to Texas, to his family and to the best friend he left behind ten years before, Jared Padalecki. Will Jared finally tell Jensen about the feelings he's carried for more than a decade? It's Christmas, so anything can happen. 21,024
jensen/jared  pining  friends-to-lovers  christmas  divorce  daddy!jensen  top!Jensen  bottom!Jared  top!jared  bottom!jensen 
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