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Jenn M. Jackson - A Square Peg at the Round Table - Jessica Williams, Salma Hayek and Shirley MacLaine
Any form of solidarity politics that asks Black women—trans or cis, queer or straight— to draw their personhood from only parts of themselves is not solidarity at all. Cultural feminism.” This type of feminism is popular because it doesn’t require systemic or institutional change. It doesn’t even dislodge many of the existing structures that affect Black and queer women. Instead, cultural feminists work within the status quo, seeing men as the inherent threat to women’s rights and parity rather than interrogating the systemic problems that affect different women in various ways. It simultaneously benefits from Black women’s intellectual and emotional labor while asking those very Black women to whitewash their political concerns in the name of solidarity.
Jenn  M.  Jackson  Black  Queer  Black  Women  White  Feminism  Salma  Hayek  Shirley  MacLaine  Intersectionality  Jessica  Williams 
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