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R. Kelly and the Cost of Black Protectionism - The Atlantic
While Surviving convincingly argues that Kelly’s celebrity was a significant driving force in helping him establish a protected, predatory pattern, the docuseries picks at an uncomfortable truth that has long existed in the African American community. Black girls and women are often on their own in fighting abuse and misogynoir.

The African American community has struggled to deal with the abuse of black girls and women because addressing this widespread problem ultimately means singling out black men, which many are hesitant to do because they don’t want to become another vehicle that contributes to their destruction.

But a community conditioning itself to accept abuse out of racial solidarity is not only unacceptable, it’s also further jeopardizing the safety and well-being of black women and girls.
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The NBA needs to send a no-tolerance message to Mark Cuban, Mavericks — The Undefeated
Cuban also said he did not fire Sneed because “he would go out there and get hired again and do it somewhere else.”

“That’s what I was truly afraid of and that was the discussion we had internally,” Cuban said. “It was a choice between just firing him and making sure that we had control of him.”

So not only did Cuban choose to believe Sneed over an abused woman, he then made the conscious decision to be more concerned about a man who beat women rather than the women who were actually abused.

That’s disgusting.
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Jemele Hill Talks ‘SportsCenter’ Exit, ESPN Future – and Those Tweets – Variety
She will move to Washington for her “Undefeated” role. “If this was supposed to be a ruse to bury me somewhere in a corner of ESPN, I didn’t get that feeling,” she says. “I know it may not be the sexiest story to tell, but the truth is I miss writing and reporting.”
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Watch JoyAnn Reid Not Allow Trump Stan Derail Panel
Via Jemelle Hill: I’m starting to think “what we not gone do” is the new “on everything I love.” Because nothing good happens after either phrase is uttered. Exhibit A: (shithole comment)
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Donald Trump’s Eternal Feud With Blackness
“Uppityness” is today recognized as a slur, and how it got that way is instructive in explaining Trump’s rise to power. Back when the lives and career prospects of black people were officially constrained by the state, and when social and cultural hierarchies were enforced on pain of death, black people who dared aspire to a life and world beyond those constraints were often branded with the label. The maintenance of those hierarchies depended on making examples of the outspoken and the ambitious. Though the implements have changed from the braided whips of the past to the verbal upbraidings of the present, the purpose of attacking uppity blacks has always been to reinforce the status quo and limit mobility, in all senses of that word.

He may have little appetite to master policy or struggle to manage his office, but Trump is a savant when it comes to knowing how to harness white resentment and hostility towards outspoken people of color.
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ESPN Is Terrified of Jemele Hill’s Honesty on Racism
ESPN’s decision to suspend Hill, whom it pays to express her opinions, suggests that the network might be scared of boycotts and that the Cowboys’ sponsors, as well as the network’s own, are more important than supporting the idea that black people might be people.
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ESPN Hasn’t Yet Realized That It Needs Jemele Hill More Than Jemele Hill Needs It
Instead, they chose to suspend her—a craven and transparent attempt to appease a base that will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be satisfied unless all black athletes and media personalities either become mutes or Jason Whitlock. And along with being fucking wrong, this choice was remarkably short-sighted. They are, through their cowardice, making themselves a willing agent of an evil president. And if somehow, through the grace of God, we’re not all vaporized because of World War III, history will look back at the companies who chose ratings over being right and money over not being gutless bastards bending to the will of a triflin’ bum, and it will thumb its nose at these fucks.
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EXCLUSIVE: ESPN tried to kick Jemele Hill off the air and replace her with another black host – ThinkProgress
ESPN originally tried to keep Hill off the air on Wednesday evening, but Smith refused to do the show without her, the sources said. Both sources also said that producers reached out to two other black ESPN hosts, Michael Eaves and Elle Duncan, to ask them to serve as fill-ins for the show — but Eaves and Duncan did not agree to take the place of Hill and Smith, either.
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ESPN Employees Respond to Jemele Hill Controversy over Trump Comments
I do tweet more about social issues, which I consider to be issues of morality. Racism isn’t politics. Racism is an issue of right and wrong. Tweeting about significant issues that impact marginalized people isn’t politics. That's right and wrong.
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