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We are building a developer platform that allows teams to create interoperability at scale and allow digital channels to deliver compelling experiences in a dramatical...
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march 2019 by sushilshimpi
Autonomous delivery vehicles spotted on public roads in Inner Mongolia #京东
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february 2019 by gmwils
Illegal Student Labor Fuels JD.com ‘Singles Day’ Sale

But among them were hundreds of vocational school students, drafted into warehouses in Beijing and the eastern city of Kunshan, and told they had to work 12- to 16-hour shifts in some cases through the night, at a steep discount to the minimum wage, or face not being allowed to graduate.

Under Chinese law, the students should not have worked any overtime or night shifts
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november 2018 by jayyy
deep learning data scientist Jobs | LinkedIn
Master's degree in computer science, stats, math, electrical engineering or related field; Ph.D. degree is preferred.
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november 2018 by quesada
Google-Backed Ride-Hailing Startup Go-Jek Valued at Over $9 Billion — The Information
Google and Chinese giants Tencent and JD.com are doubling down on Indonesia’s Go-Jek in an investment round that could nearly double the ride-hailing startup’s valuation to more than $9 billion, people familiar with the matter said.
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october 2018 by jayyy

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