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JAX-RS Jersey REST API Security/Authentication Example
Learn to secure Jersey REST APIs behind basic authentication which will make mandatory to provide username/password by user.
jaxrs  authentication 
january 2019 by dizzzz
Pagination en JAX-RS 2.0 avec le header Link
Good example of getting hateoas header links into the standard jax-rs response for use in something like Spring Boot
jaxrs  hateoas  pagination  rest 
march 2018 by griddell
JAX-RS vs. Spring for REST Endpoints - DZone Java
Let's explore REST endpoints with JAX-RS and Spring—both separately and together—to test their effectiveness while also learning to map between the specs.
jaxrs  springboot 
august 2017 by lincze
You can now read it online thanks to enjoy !
jaxrs  JavaEE  from twitter_favs
december 2016 by pdudits

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