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Secure Access SSL VPN
Access journals using JAXA Library VPN.
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april 2019 by ferran
GITAI – Robotics Startup for Space Development
Seems like the former members of SHAFT, who got let go when google tried to sell them off and they refused, ended up here.
japan  robotics  research  technology  remote  telepresence  avatar  hardware  electronics  devices  space  JAXA 
march 2019 by asteroza
EOS | Electro Optic Systems | Optical Communications
Demoed a deep space lasercomm with Hayabusa 2 while it was at asteroid Ryugu?
deep  space  lasercomm  laser  communications  JAXA 
february 2019 by asteroza
RT : ほんとうに、ほんとうにおめでとうございます!(^^)!
JAXA  haya2_TD  from twitter
february 2019 by 555nick

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