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Dataframe-js by Gmousse
A Javascript library providing another way to work with data.
javascript  data-science  library 
yesterday by alphajuliet
Codrops Notifications Examples
Notification Styles Inspiration
Simple ideas & effects for website notifications
JavaScript  CSS3  Notifications  Alert  Notice  Growl  Web-Development  Web-Dev 
yesterday by jasondavis
Deco - React Native IDE
The best IDE for building React Native apps is now free and open source.
javascript  mobile  react  ReactJS  reactnative 
yesterday by jannisg
2016 JavaScript Rising Stars
List of the most popular JS tools & libraries in 2016
yesterday by adamtait
Terminal emulator (like iTerm. But based in javascript/CSS?
software  cli  console  javascript  terminal 
yesterday by philjr
Redux in Plain English: A Workflow | Quick Left
While the Redux documentation is robust and includes links to some great video tutorials and example projects, it can all be overwhelming.
javascript  react  reactjs  redux 
yesterday by bwll

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