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Guide to taking an existing application to the new modular world. -
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6 weeks ago by sandermak
JDK 9 Release Documents
Release notes, reference documentation, and specifications
6 weeks ago by l1nktrackr
String concatenation in Java 9 (part 2): Conversion confusion | GuardSquare
In this blog, we go down the rabbit hole of string concatenation once more to talk about the curious behavior of String conversion order in the new concatenation methods.
java9  string  concatenation  issue  problem  undetermined 
7 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Java 9 | Expert Insights | Oracle
minimizing Java containers using alpine linux and jlink
java  java9  video  container 
11 weeks ago by jwd
Java 9 Migration Guide: The Seven Most Common Challenges - blog@CodeFX
Solutions to the seven most common challenges for a Java 9 migration. Each of them explained with background, symptoms, and fixes.
java9  Java  migration 
12 weeks ago by phatblat
I suspect and won't see wide adoption in production.
I gu…
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12 weeks ago by sandermak
RT : Join Apr 25 as he examines typical use cases for features unique to and from a rec…
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march 2018 by kousen
Java 9 中的 9 个新特性
Java 平台级模块系统
JShell : 交互式 Java REPL
改进的 Javadoc
改进的 Stream API
多版本兼容 JAR
march 2018 by yangushan

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