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moditect/moditect: Tooling for the Java 9 Module System
Tooling for the Java 9 Module System. Contribute to moditect/moditect development by creating an account on GitHub.
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12 weeks ago by tombensve
Migrating Your Library to Java Modules | Java Magazine July/August 2018
"Two issues all library writers will have to face sooner or later is how to make their library work with Java modules and how to convert the library into the Java modules introduced in Java 9." Lists minimum recommended IDE version numbers including Eclipse Oxygen.1a.
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august 2018 by l1nktrackr
5 Features in Java 9 that WILL Change How You Develop Software (and 2 That Won’t) | OverOps Blog
What are the most exciting features that are expected to be released in Java 9?
august 2018 by brunns
Oracle Training | Video | Java SE New Features webinar
"Explore Java versions 9 and 10...In this webinar you will learn about:
Java modules
New API features, including streams and collections
Use JShell
Local variable inference
Performance enhancements"
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june 2018 by l1nktrackr
Guide to taking an existing application to the new modular world. -
Java9  from twitter_favs
may 2018 by sandermak
JDK 9 Release Documents
Release notes, reference documentation, and specifications
may 2018 by l1nktrackr

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