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Concurrency on the JVM: Beyond Thread.start() | Oracle Community
"We will explore, through examples, new features of Java SE 8, such as CompletableFuture and parallel streams."
25 days ago by l1nktrackr
Java 8 idioms: An easier path to functional programming in Java
Learning to program declaratively, rather than imperatively, is an easy first step to adopting functional techniques in your Java programs.
functional  programming  java8  intro  higherorder 
4 weeks ago by gilberto5757
AtomicReference: A (Sometimes Easier) Alternative to Synchronized Blocks - DZone Java
`AtomicReferences`에 관한 아티클인데 난 `Retry Until Success` 처리방식이 흥미롭다.
java  java8  AtomicReferences  retry 
5 weeks ago by ncrash

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