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Not me 😳, only room for one founder... 😥
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7 hours ago by callenet
Univocity-parsers - tutorial – uniVocity data integration
univocity-parsers is a collection of extremely fast and reliable Java-based parsers for CSV, TSV and Fixed Width files. It provides a consistent interface for handling different the different formats, and a solid framework for the development of new parsers.
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yesterday by willyh
fastutil: Fast & compact type-specific collections for Java
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yesterday by willyh
alibaba/arthas: Alibaba Java Diagnostic Tool Arthas/Alibaba Java诊断利器Arthas
Alibaba Java Diagnostic Tool Arthas/Alibaba Java诊断利器Arthas - alibaba/arthas
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yesterday by dlutcat
Modularity: the Year After : Sander Mak () via
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yesterday by pdudits
遇到真正的高并发问题了,特来求助 - V2EX
程序员 - @abcbuzhiming - 以前做的项目,要么服务器够多,要么访问量比较分散,一天虽然人多,但是都是不同时段。所以没遭遇到访问瓶颈。这次真刀真枪的需要进行一次单服优化,然后就发现单服性能不可思议的低。大致情况如下:应用服务器
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2 days ago by jinwik
你真的会用Gson吗?Gson使用指南(一) - 简书
本文为作者根据日常使用结合Gson源码注释及wiki所作的原创内容,转载请注明出处。本文链接: JSON (官网) 是一种文本形式的数据交换格式,它比XML更轻量、比二进制容易阅读和编写,调式也更加方便。其重要性不言而喻。解析和生成的方式很多,Java中最常用的类库有:JSON-Java、Gson、Jackson、Fa...
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2 days ago by ywz

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