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april 2017 by lurrel
How to stop an autocracy
"That Congress is not using its power is Congress’s fault, not Trump’s. Whatever danger Trump poses to the system is their fault as much or more than his — it is their job, after all, to check an out-of-control president.

To put it differently, Trump deserves a bit less attention, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz deserves a lot more.

A case study of congressional abdication: Jason Chaffetz
Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican who chairs the House Oversight Committee, is an eager investigator. He’s dug into Benghazi, Planned Parenthood, and Hillary Clinton’s emails. And he was no fan of Trump’s. “I can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president,” he said shortly after the Access Hollywood tapes were released. The reason, he explained, was that he had a 15-year-old daughter, and he could not look in her the eye and defend what Trump said about women.
Last week, Chaffetz released the House Oversight Committee’s agenda for the next two years. It lists 43 items — none of which involve Donald Trump. Actually, that’s not quite right. Chaffetz does intend to investigate the Office of Government Ethics, which Republicans believe has been too outspoken in its concern over Trump’s conflicts of interest."
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february 2017 by owenblacker
Donald Trump’s New Chief Steve Bannon Called Republican Leaders ‘C**ts’ - The Daily Beast
“Stephen Bannon, the Trump campaign’s new chief executive as of Wednesday, used the phrase two years ago in emails with Breitbart reporter Matt Boyle. Bannon ran Breitbart at the time, and the two schemed about how to get activists to ‘turn on the hate’ as part of a plan to ‘burn this bitch down.’ The emails, obtained by The Daily Beast, are just another reminder that the Trump campaign’s new management is unlikely to play nice with party leaders.”
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february 2017 by cbearden
Who wants to ban Internet gaming? | The Daily Caller
But what I do find disturbing is that the people ostensibly trying to shut down online gambling for noble reasons are really just interested in protecting their bricks and mortar gambling interests. What is more, inclusion of carve-outs for certain gambling interests seems a transparent example of what people hate about politics.
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march 2014 by cboyack
UtahPolicy.com Exclusive: Poll Shows Utahns Want Someone Other than Hatch in U.S. Senate | Utah Policy
A new UtahPolicy.com/Opinionology poll shows most Utahns think it's time for Orrin Hatch to leave the U.S. Senate.
The poll, conducted among 600 likely Utah Voters from Feb. 16-19, shows 54% think it's time for someone else to take the seat Hatch has occupied for 31 years
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february 2011 by cboyack
Chaffetz within 10 points of Hatch in new poll - ksl.com
A new Deseret News/KSL poll shows Rep. Jason Chaffetz is just 10 points behind Sen. Orrin Hatch, even though he isn't in the race -- yet.
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february 2011 by cboyack
Hatch has $2.5M, starts hiring 2012 campaign advisers | The Salt Lake Tribune
If Rep. Jason Chaffetz takes the plunge and formally challenges Sen. Orrin Hatch in Utah’s 2012 Senate race, he will likely do so with a severe financial disadvantage.

The latest campaign finance reports show that Hatch ended 2010 with more than $2.5 million in the bank, while Chaffetz has about $140,000.

When Chaffetz won his first House term in 2008, he acknowledged that he had no paid staff and said his small-dollar campaign showed fiscal conservatism. But there are benefits to having a deep campaign account.

Hatch has already begun to beef up his campaign team, hiring political consultant Jason Powers, who advised Utah Attorney General Mark Shurt-leff and then candidate Mike Lee on their 2010 Senate campaigns.

Shurtleff bowed out of the race early because of a family situation, Lee bested Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, in convention. Powers joined Lee’s team in the primary, where he defeated Tim Bridgewater en route to claiming the Senate seat in November.

Hatch’s campaign manager, Dave Hansen, says Powers is the first of many new hires and he acknowledges the campaign is aggressively raising money now, preparing for a potential challenger backed by tea party groups.

“We want to be ready for anything,” said Hansen. “This is going to be a very extensive campaign operation.”
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february 2011 by cboyack
Targets in 2012, Hatch tacks Right, Lugar defiant | Washington Examiner
Hatch's most likely challenger is Rep. Jason Chaffetz. Chaffetz is politically savvy and expert at sounding the anti-establishment message. "Jason was Tea Party before the Tea Party," says his friend state Sen. Dan Liljenquist, referring to Chaffetz's 2008 primary victory over incumbent Chris Cannon. Liljenquist could run against Hatch as well.

Strike one against Hatch: He's a porker. Strike two is his history of courting Democrats and partnering with the likes of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. Strike three is simply how long he's been in D.C. Media accounts regularly describe Hatch (like Lugar) as "an institution." This is not a good time to be "an institution."

Could the Tea Party take him out? Liljenquist thinks so. "I think a lot of people are emboldened by what happened to Bennett," he tells me, "and that Hatch is in worse shape than Bennett."
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december 2010 by cboyack
TSA backs down on shirtless boy story | The Salt Lake Tribune
It appears Rep. Jason Chaffetz is already enjoying his new-found authority with regard to the Transportation Security Administration. The Utah Republican, who soon will take charge of the House subcommittee overseeing the agency, says he forced the TSA to come clean on an incident in which a young boy was given a pat down at Salt Lake City International Airport, prompting the child’s frustrated father to remove the boy’s shirt to allay any concerns.

TSA’s initial statement on the incident said the boy set off the alarm on the metal detector, a point disputed by a man who taped the screening and posted it online. Chaffetz says the airport’s top TSA official admitted the boy didn’t trigger the alarm and the congressman went to bat to get the agency to correct its statement.

“I said, ‘You guys knew that at the beginning. You lied at the beginning,” Chaffetz said Friday.

The TSA’s blog now says that the boy was given a pat down because of bulky clothing and not because metal was detected.

“New information was brought to light that indicated the initial report was incorrect,” the TSA said.
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december 2010 by cboyack
Hatch to take on new finance role | Deseret News
With Hatch up for reelection in 2012, how he performs in his new post will play an integral role in determining whether his political career survives to realize a seventh term or falls prey to the voracious ambition of an up-and-comer like Rep. Jason Chaffetz.
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november 2010 by cboyack
Chaffetz blasts federal pay raises, except his own | Deseret News
A Utah Congressman is taking issue with giving federal workers pay raises, instead pushing for at least a pay freeze if not a 10 percent pay cut, while stopping short of saying he himself should make less money.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said the number of workers who make more than $150,000 per year has doubled since President Barack Obama took office.
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november 2010 by cboyack

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