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The problem with OKCupid is the problem with the social web
This is why it really stings whenever somebody turns around and says, "well actually, the terms you've signed give us permission to do whatever we want. Not just the thing you were afraid of, but a huge range of things you never thought of." You can't on one hand tell us to pay no attention when you change these things on us, and with the other insist that this is what we've really wanted to do all along. I mean, fuck me over, but don't tell me that I really wanted you to fuck me over all along.

Because ultimately, the reason you needed me to agree in the first place isn't just because I'm using your software, but because you're using my stuff. And the reason I'm letting you use my stuff, and spending all this time working on it, is so that you can show it to people. I'm not just a user of your service, somebody who reads the things that you show it to me: I'm one of the reasons you have anything that you can show to anyone at all.
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august 2014 by jm
The world's best pancake recipe
After discovering the recipe for Robie's Buttermilk Flapjacks in a magazine a year or two ago, my wife has been making them for breakfast most Saturdays and they are, no foolin', the best pancakes I've ever eaten. They are fluffy and moist and delicious. Here's what you do.
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november 2011 by thijsniks
Scripting News: Why I stand up for Stallman
What Stallman does is what any good blogger would do. He says what he thinks. And if you really listen to what he says, you'll learn something. Probably the biggest thing you'll learn about is your own fear. Because there's something about Stallman that scares a lot of people. They wouldn't try to isolate him so much, if he didn't evoke their fear.
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october 2011 by thijsniks
Funding a Startup Without VC
"If getting venture capital is now optional for making a big, successful business, and lots of entrepreneurs might want to avoid it anyway, what are the other options? I've outlined a few other common options, including examples of companies that have made these options work, and some of the cons of each method that might explain why don't we hear about them as much as we hear about venture capital."
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april 2011 by bankbryan
Apollo 11 Live TV Coverage
I've built a page where you can watch the CBS News coverage of Walter Cronkite reporting on the Moon landing and the first moon walk, 40 years to the second after it originally happened. Just leave this page open in your browser and at the appointed times (schedule is below), the broadcast will begin (no manual page refresh necessary). This is just like real TV...if you miss the appointed time, there's no rewind or anything...the video is playing "live".
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july 2010 by thijsniks
I am an American conservative shitheel
I then log on to the internet which was developed by the defense advanced research projects administration and post on freerepublic.com and fox news forums about how SOCIALISM in medicine is BAD because the government can't do anything right.
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april 2010 by thijsniks
Public and permanent
A slightly related way of thinking about how to choose web projects is to take something that everyone does with their friends and make it public and permanent. (Permanent as in permalinked.)
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august 2009 by thijsniks
Lying about books - Kottke
From the Guilty Secrets survey by Spread the Word, the top ten books that people say that they've read but haven't.

1. 1984 by George Orwell (42%)
2. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (31%)
3. Ulysses by James Joyce (25%)
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march 2009 by thijsniks
SimpleBits ~ Publications › SimpleQuiz
In response to Jason Kottke’s post on semantics and markup, I thought I’d try out a new series here called SimpleQuiz. The objective is to ask some questions about markup and generate some discussion about preferred methods.
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december 2007 by thijsniks
Facebook is the new AOL (kottke.org)
As it happens, we already have a platform on which anyone can communicate. It's called the internet and it's more compelling than AOL was in 1994 and Facebook in 2007. Eventually, someone will come along and turn Facebook inside-out.
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november 2007 by thijsniks

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