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racing hearts like getaway cars - CallMeBombshell - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason’s just doing this because Tim will like it, he tells himself, only that. He’s doing this because it will make Tim smile, and not at all because there’s something intimate about the way Tim looks at cars and the way he lets Jason see that he’s doing it, like he’s sharing something special.

He’s doing it because…

Oh, fuck it. He’s totally doing it because some part of him is hoping, desperately, against all the warnings and advice the rest of him is screaming at him, that maybe, just maybe...
7k  jason/tim  pining 
27 days ago by katereis
Proof of Presence, Proof of Death by cadkitten
His head hits the padded headboard and for the first time he understands Tim's quiet request when they refurnished this apartment. It's usually him here, tied up and begging.

Jason doesn't beg.
dc  r:e  m/m  jason/tim  kink  smut  ***  narration  character 
5 weeks ago by vk2ria
strange fear i ain't felt for years by Sister
“Can’t believe a pretty thing like you has to come begging to the Red Hood,” he says against Tim’s neck. “Thought they’d be lining up down the block for you. Thought Daddy would need to get the shotgun.”

“You’re the one with the shotgun,” Tim points out.


Tim’s benched with a broken arm and starts playing Jason’s personal Oracle. Things escalate.
dc  r:e  m/m  jason/tim  smut  *** 
6 weeks ago by vk2ria
Doubting Gets You Places by DustToDust
Tim's never regretted his decision to go to Barbara Gordon when Batman began to fall apart after Robin's death. He does reserve the right to complain when strange men in masks begin to use him as an intermediary for Oracle though.
dc  r:e  m/m  jason/tim  canondivergence 
6 weeks ago by vk2ria
Bright enough to burn by Teland
The weather's crappy and people are shooting at him. Life is good.
dc  r:e  m/m  jason/tim  canondivergence  smut  kink 
6 weeks ago by vk2ria
The Party Line by cleromancy
"Hey, Birdboy, what're you wearing?"
dc  r:e  m/m  jason/tim  phonesex  smut 
6 weeks ago by vk2ria
the one with the selfies by ohmcgee
Thanks for the spank bank material, replacement, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t meant for me.
dc  r:e  m/m  jason/tim  phonesex  smut  * 
6 weeks ago by vk2ria
Retrograde by agent37
Tim Drake starts his life from scratch.
dc  r:m  m/m  jason/tim  disabilities  batfam  canondivergence  ** 
6 weeks ago by vk2ria
Hell Connection - Ladelle - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
With one touch, Detective Timothy Drake can see the past—of people, of objects—anything. When a case leads him to the sewers of Gotham, he wakes an evil he never knew existed; one that wants vengeance on the family that sealed him away.

+ massive demons au. ending was rushed, but i enjoyed a lot of the stuff along the way.
fic  jason/tim  dcu  demons  au 
7 weeks ago by exclamations
Public Relations - Rednight_Hunter - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tim was so caught up in loading food onto the self-serve register that he almost missed his picture on the front of the gossip magazine.

It still surprised him a little to see Jason on the cover with him, however.
4k  jason/tim  reporters 
7 weeks ago by katereis
My Robin - BloodthirstyMerc - Batman: Arkham (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
Tim knows something dangerous about the Arkham Knight. Telling Bruce just doesn’t seem like an option anymore.
9k  porn  jason/tim  canon-au 
7 weeks ago by katereis
Duck and Cover - GraySonOfGotham - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Jason is the new bodyguard of Tim Drake, movie star, male model, teen heartthrob.

Jason finds it a personal insult to have been assigned to this specific mission to babysit the childish man. But it is an important undercover mission, as Tim Drake might be hiding some dangerous details about his personal life from his fans.

Such as being in cahoots with a Spanish drug lord, acting as the drug lord's ambassador on American land.
3k  jason/tim 
september 2018 by katereis
like real people do - unveils - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s not a lot that surprises Tim anymore. Living in Gotham City has assured him of the existence of the absurd in the most aggressive ways-- man-bats, aliens, magic-- if you can imagine its existence, there’s a possibility that it exists out there. Living in Gotham City with the most paranoid man alive has assured him of that, and certainly given him the means needed to execute fail-safe contingencies for just about any situation.

But seeing Jason Todd naked for the first time surprises Tim...
2k  jason/tim 
august 2018 by katereis
burn your biographies, rewrite your histories - Chapter 1 - defcontwo - Robin (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Bruce is dead, Robin is running the city single-handed, and Jason gets an invitation to come home that he didn't expect.
dcu  jason/tim  wip 
august 2018 by themadstork
Darkfic Saga
A series of drabbles all based around Tim Drake and containing dark themes. Hence the title "Darkfic Saga." There are pairings and general ones, ranging from angst to character death. Each one is clearly labelled. This was originally posted on my Dreamworks and Livejournal, then on my tumblr. I will be including the authors notes from those times, so ignore any time discrepancies.
fic  noncon  dub-con  tim/damien  ra's/tim  jason/tim 
may 2018 by fyveryunoriginal
The Neighbors - chibi_nightowl - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Gesundheit!” a voice shouts from somewhere.

Finally stopping, Jason sniffs hard and rubs at his eyes, looking around. He knew the walls were thin in this place, but he didn’t think they were that bad. “Thanks?” he says, slightly louder than normal.

“You’re welcome!”

Jason stares at the wall his new bookcases stand upright against. Well, at least that neighbor isn’t totally psycho. Or he is and he’s just being lulled into a false sense of security. Burnley may not be the Bowery, but it’s still Gotham.
8k  jason/tim  au 
april 2018 by katereis
Bother With Me - Nanimok - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“Don’t go to Ethiopia,” the boy repeats. “Please don’t go there. Don’t try to find your mom—”

Jason stops tugging. “Wait. What do you mean by that? My mom is dead. She died of an overdose.”

The boy gapes, only for a second, before slamming his mouth shut. “I’ve said too much.”

“No,” Jason says, voice low in warning. “You haven’t said enough.”
10k  jason/tim  canon-divergence  time-travel 
april 2018 by katereis
Watch Me Fall - Nanimok - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
After an encounter leaves Tim reeling, he begins to question about what it means to be a hero and what it takes to protect the people of Gotham.

Slowly, Tim begins to understand Jason a little better.
jason/tim  character-death  22k  hurt/sick  kidnapped 
april 2018 by katereis
Free Me - Myoneloveismusic - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
Tim Drake had been dreading the arranged marriage to Bruce Wayne's second adopted son, knowing it was nothing more than a plot designed by his father to earn him prestige and social standing. After living a life in terror at the hands of his father, Tim was expecting his marriage to be anything but an improvement. But after his first meeting with Jason, the two connect in a way Tim never thought was possible, opening a new chapter in his life and a chance to finally find freedom for himself.
15k  jason/tim  marriage  parental-abuse 
march 2018 by katereis

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