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java - Where is jarsigner? - Stack Overflow
On Windows, 'explorer foo.p7b' may be easier, opens certmgr
jarsigner  certmgr  check  view  certificate  java  jar  file 
20 days ago by theskett
java - Extract raw X.509 Certificate from a signed APK or JAR - Stack Overflow
for file in sgp*8.3.jar; do mkdir -p $file.d; cd $file.d; unzip -o ../$file META-INF/SGP.RSA; cp META-INF/SGP.RSA SGP.p7b; cd ..; done
Then run Explorer and double-click each p7b file

mkdir temp
cd temp
jar -xvf ../foo.jar
openssl pkcs7 -in FOO.RSA -print_certs -inform DER -out foo.cer

On Windows, it’s easier to rename the FOO.RSA to FOO.p7b and double-click it. Windows has built-in tool to read PKCS #7 file
java  jar  file  certificate  properties  expired  view  windows 
20 days ago by theskett
japicmp-base – japicmp
japicmp is a tool to compare two versions of a jar archive:
development  tools  java  comparison  jar  free  opensource 
27 days ago by jeffjensen
The Ultimate Tree of Life App...? - YouTube
We couldn't find an app that drew the kinds of evolutionary trees we wanted, so we built one!

"You are a Fish" on MinuteEarth - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyeDg...

Thanks also to our Patreon patrons https://www.patreon.com/minutelabsio and our YouTube members.

Other Tree of Life Apps

Open Tree of Life - https://tree.opentreeoflife.org
One Zoom - http://www.onezoom.org
iTOL - http://itol.embl.de/itol.cgi
Evogeneao - https://www.evogeneao.com/explore/tre...

Script Writers, Narrators, & Video Directors: Ever Salazar & Jasper Palfree
Video Illustrator: Ever Salazar
With Contributions From: Henry Reich, Alex Reich, Kate Yoshida, Peter Reich, David Goldenberg
opentree  video  jar 
5 weeks ago by jar
Java 9's other new enhancements, Part 4: Multi-release JAR files | JavaWorld
A Java 9 extension to the JAR file format makes it easier for third-party libraries and frameworks to use language and API features from newer Java releases
java  jar 
january 2019 by InkyHarmonics
Creative Commons' Role in the Global Commons Movement (September 17, 2011) - YouTube
Mike Linksvayer: "I was talking to Jonathan Rees, and he said ..."
january 2019 by jar
java - Where to put the external jars? - Stack Overflow
you can find out your jre folder by looking at the JAVA_HOME environment variable on Windows.
Jar  Java  Compile 
december 2018 by burrowsclayton

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