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My Life As A Foreign Woman in Japan | JAPAN Forward
I would ask a friend how to express myself more sharply in Japanese. If they needed clarification, I’d request anything on a spectrum of simple slang to Kansai dialect. The friend would comply, telling me a new phrase, but always with the disclaimer that “only guys said this” so I had to be careful not to use it. The warning was never “don’t use this in class because it’s not polite” or “be careful using this if there are children around,” but only a gentle reminder that men had the exclusive ability to make commanding, emphatic statements. I went ahead and used the masculine speech regardless.
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22 hours ago by cmananian
Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese - Japan Today
Most honest analysis of learning Japanese and living in Japan ever.
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yesterday by cmananian
レッツノート(Let’sNOTE)CF-RZ5のSSDを交換する | 秋葉ネオ
You open up this 750g laptop and it has a STANDARD M.2 SSD! It's possible!
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