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プロダクトデザイン事務所 : MIYAKE DESIGN
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2 days ago by andrewn
Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8CeP15EAS8)
Smokers! Your bad habit needs a good side to it. Buy a Japanese USB lighter!

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2 days ago by asbjornu
Shibui - Wikiwand
In James A. Michener's book Iberia the adjective 'shibui' is referenced as follows: "The Japanese have a word which summarizes all the best in Japanese life, yet it has no explanation and cannot be translated. It is the word shibui, and the best approximation to its meaning is 'acerbic good taste.'" The author Trevanian (the nom de plume of Dr. Rodney William Whitaker) wrote in his 1979 best-selling novel Shibumi, “Shibumi has to do with great refinement underlying commonplace appearances.” In t...
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7 days ago by mkatase

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