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Word Associator API | ProgrammableWeb
The Word Associator categorizes similar or related
Japanese  API  from twitter_favs
18 hours ago by userX
The Word Associator categorizes similar or related
Japanese  API  from twitter_favs
18 hours ago by userX
Japanese TV program recordings with Japanese subtitles
The user who uploads them is on a Chinese video site called bilibili (similar to nico). You don't need to login or know any Chinese, although it would help since the video titles are translated to Chinese.

Also since the subtitles are not official I assume there would be occasional errors, but they already help my comprehension a lot.

P.S. not all videos have Japanese subtitles, those that do not have subs will have "生肉" in the title
japanese  study  language  日本語  tv  television  subtitles 
2 days ago by cla
Koipun - Genki Grammar Anki Decks
site to buy full deck with images and audio
2 days ago by kymus
Kanji to english practice through WaniKani vocab
3 days ago by kymus
Creates sentences from WaniKani kanji at designated level
3 days ago by kymus
Learning Japanese Wiki (RtKWiki)
the main page has a good collection of resources that may be useful in the future
3 days ago by kymus
Ebook Readers - Learning Japanese Wiki (RtKWiki)
Ebook Readers

TxtMiru A Japanese novel viewer. Supports vertical text. Supports aozora formatting. Highly configurable. Bookmark feature. Doesn't require installation. Text is fully selectable. The default text size is very difficult to read on a netbook-sized screen but it should be acceptable on a normal-sized desktop display. See the forum to learn how to change the default layout.
ArisuViewer Another Japanese novel viewer. Supports vertical text. Supports aozora formatting. Bookmark feature. Doesn't require installation. The text is NOT selectable!
Dinglabs Desktop Player Offline player for reading and listening to audiobooks with transcripts. [1]


JNovel Formatter A utility to convert Japanese novels to nicely formatted HTML files. For Windows.
青P A Japanese program that will turn a Japanese novel into a nicely formatted PDF file with vertical text support. Highly configurable. Supports aozora formatting. See the forum for more information.
Aozora to Kindle - Online tool that converts Aozora-formatted books to Kindle-friendly .pdf files, with ruby and vertical, selectable text.
AozoraEpub3 ( 青空文庫ePub3変換 ) Utility that takes any text, in any encoding; zipped collections of images; and urls and converts them to an ePub file. You can even choose between vertical or horizontal text. See the forum for a quick guide on how to use it.
dotEPUB (Chrome extension) Extension that allows you to convert any webpage into an EPUB or Kindle e-book.
3 days ago by kymus
Japanese Fiction - Learning Japanese Wiki (RtKWiki)

「君にしか聞こえない」 乙一 - "Innocent" book. Set of middle-length modern fantasy short stories by Otsuichi. August 2014 Beginner Book Club Selection - read discussion here.
BOTさん - Short stories for absolute beginners, includes pictures to help you learn words. Clicking on the links underneath the first short story brings you to other stories.
Japanese Graded Readers
チーズスイートホーム (Chi's Sweet Home)
「キノの旅」 時雨沢 恵一 - "Innocent" book about a boy and his talking motorbike.
「ゼロの使い魔」 ヤマグチノボル - "Innocent" light novel 「ライノベ」about a girl witch and the boy familiar she takes.
「宇宙の男たち」 星新一 - "Innocent" book. Set of extremely short (a few pages apiece) science fiction stories.
「頭の大きなロボット」 星新一 "Innocent" book.
「しあわせは子猫のかたち」 乙一 - "Innocent" book.
「十二国記シリーズ」小野不由美 - "Innocent" fantasy book series with in depth world-building.


「Go」金城 一紀 - "Innocent" book. August 2014 Intermediate Book Club Selection - read discussion here.
「夏と花火と私の死体」 乙一 - "Innocent" book. A collection of three horror stories from Otsuichi.
「死神の精度」 伊坂 幸太郎 - "Innocent" book.
「涼宮ハルヒシリーズ」谷川流 - "Innocent" book.
「失はれる物語」乙一 "Innocent" book.
「七瀬ふたたび」筒井康隆 - "Innocent" book.
「Border」 金城 一紀 - Not innocent (? verify).
10分で読めるお話 (10-pun de Yomeru Ohanashi - Stories You Can Read in 10 Minutes) -- This is a series that goes all the way up to Grade 6. There are also science books, biographies, etc.
Read Real Japanese Fiction
Breaking into Japanese Literature
Short Stories in Japanese: New Penguin Parallel Text
魔法の宅急便 (Mahou no Takkyuubin - Kiki's Delivery Service)


「All You Need Is Kill」桜坂洋 - "Innocent" book. August 2014 Advanced Book Club selection - read discussion here.
「グラスホッパー」伊坂 幸太郎 - "Innocent" book (? verify).
「容疑者Xの献身」東野圭吾 - "Innocent" book. One of Japan's pre-eminent mystery writers.
「秘密」東野 圭吾 - "Innocent" book.
3 days ago by kymus

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