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Ramen Noodles: More Than Just an Instant Snack
You might recognize ramen noodles as one of the college dorm staples that students everywhere survive on.
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10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Black Sesame Ice Cream | Chopstick Chronicles
Black sesame (kurogoma) ice cream is a popular dessert in Japanese restaurants. It has a sweet and nutty flavour that is really delicious and perfect to eat after a nice Japanese dinner.
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december 2018 by fairyrevel
How To Make Black Sesame Paste • Just One Cookbook
For the Japanese and some Asians, black sesame flavor is commonly used especially in desserts and baked goods.
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december 2018 by fairyrevel
Beef Curry Recipe ビーフカレー • Just One Cookbook
Delicious Japanese Curry recipe. Similar to a meat and vegetable stew here in the West, but served over rice and with distinctly Eastern seasonings/taste.
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october 2016 by followthechris
How to Make Tofu at Home
A great article outlining a simple process that allows you to make tofu in your own home.
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august 2015 by followthechris
Making Usuyaki Tamago -- Japanese Thin Omelettes
Another great recipe from Just Hungry on creating the thin omelettes eaten in Japan.
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august 2015 by followthechris
Best Rice Cooker available on Amazon
This rice cooker was recommended by the JustHungry blog, and after some research appears to be one of the best available. It has several different modes, and can cook all types of rice.
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may 2014 by followthechris
Steamed Pork Buns Recipe
An easy recipe for basic Nikuman/ Steamed Pork Buns. the filling can be easily switched out for something else, but the dough here is great and easy to make.
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may 2014 by followthechris
100 Japanese Foods to Try
Composed by the author of the Just Hungry and Just Bento blogs, as well as The Just Bento Cookbook, this is a list of 100 Japanese foods, ranging from all regions and all prices (from gas station treats to fine dining dishes) that she feels everyone should try. She has avoided listing restaurant-specific dishes, so that -- assuming you can get the ingredients -- you would be able to eat your way through this list from anywhere in the world.
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march 2014 by followthechris
Making Dashi on Just Hungry
Dashi is the foundation of savory Japanese cooking (or washoku), and as such is found in most dishes. It's a good thing to know how to make and to keep in the fridge if you're going to be cooking Japanese dishes. Thankfully, this page of the Just Hungry blog is devoted to teaching you how to make it.
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march 2014 by followthechris
Making Salted Salmon - Onigiri Stuffings from Just Hungry
This page is a brief, basic recipe for an easy to make Onigiri filling. Salted Salmon takes very little effort to make, but it does span several days -- most of which is hands-off time. This page outlines the recipe, and talks about the uses for the salmon once it has been completed.
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march 2014 by followthechris
Making Rice - from Just Hungry
This page details the process for making a pot of basic, delicious Japanese rice (that you use to make Onigiri) with several different types of home equipment (rice cooker, pot, skillet), and the rice that this process turns out is nothing short of absolutely delicious. The page also contains a recipe for Sushi Vinegar near the bottom, and the steps necessary for turning the freshly cooked rice into Sushi Rice.
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march 2014 by followthechris
Onigiri - The Traditional Method from Just Hungry
This page on the Just Hungry blog describes what Onigiri are and how to make them. it also provides links to several other pages with FAQs on Onigiri, easier methods of making them when you are pressed for time, and, of course, a link to the page on making the perfect Japanese rice.
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march 2014 by followthechris

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