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ROUTE for traveler | Oh my kawaiiii!!
Let me introduce a nice place for travelers Nagasaki.

ROUTE’ building stands on the Nishizaka hill. It takes about 5 -10 minutes by foot from Nagasaki station. On the ground floor, there’s a rental bicycle shop, a nice cafe on the 1st floor and dormitory on the 2nd floor. There’s also a family room underground. The owner Mr. Shingo Kishikawa is a really openminded guy! That’s why I feel there’s a really nice atmosphere every time I visit here.
3 days ago by joechin
How To Up Your Breakfast Game
Alon Potilskis was never a big breakfast eater — until he went to Japan. There, he discovered an unexpected morning meal he liked so much that he’s been enjoying it ever since: oatmeal made with…
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3 days ago by otlib
Nippon.com on Twitter: "Japanese toilet makers seeking new customers in Europe. https://t.co/JnSSDI2Jv7 https://t.co/nFh6lDE8gV"
Favorite tweet:

They're brilliant - once experienced, there's no way back. #Japan https://t.co/m42JwWx31n

— Robert Ward (@RobertAlanWard) March 24, 2017
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3 days ago by antaldaniel

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