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Mercari: Anyone can buy & sell
Mercari provides a hassle-free and secure way for anyone to buy and sell stuff straight from their mobile device. We provide a buyer protection guarantee so you can buy in confidence.
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yesterday by devnulled
Katakana train stations of Japan – the tokyo files 東京ファイル
Ok, so I’m a little obsessive with lists. And Japanese train stations. And lists of Japanese train stations. Which is why I’ve compiled a list of every train station in Japan that has Katakana or English letters in the official station name (most train stations are in kanji, with many having hiragana or a combination of the two).
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yesterday by vegarev
About this Collection - Fine Prints: Japanese, pre-1915 | Digital Collections | Library of Congress
The Library's Prints and Photographs Division houses more than 2,500 woodblock prints and drawings by Japanese artists of the seventeenth through early twentieth centuries including Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi, Sadahide, and Yoshiiku. The Library of Congress appreciates the financial support provided by Nicihibunken (International Research Center for Japanese Studies, an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation) to scan 1,100 of the Ukiyo-e prints. A modern version of the ...</blockq...
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2 days ago by zachwise
Yakuza 3: played, reviewed and factchecked. With the Yakuza.
"Turns out he's good enough friends with a few high-ranking gangster bosses that he was able to convince them to conduct an experiment for Boing Boing: to evaluate Yakuza 3, a popular video game about the infamous gangsters created for ordinary citizens. And so it was that Adelstein showed up at a shady real estate office in Tokyo one Thursday afternoon with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Duty-Free whiskey to teach these gangsters how to handle a PlayStation controller."
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2 days ago by littlerhymes

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