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The Museum of Accidents Offers a Glimpse into Japanese Introspection | Spoon & Tamago
"JR East, one of the country’s major passenger railway companies, unveiled the new expansion to their “Exhibition Hall of Historical Accidents” (..) The new exhibition hall was unveiled to the press on October 9, 2018. Unfortunately, it is only open to employees of the company and is not for the public."
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2018 has begun! Aircrews from the 🇺🇸, 🇯🇵, 🇵🇭, and 🇦🇺 are…
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The Gods That Will Fail
liberals who find Prime Minister Shinzō Abe’s milder form of nationalism quite enough. But the very existence of the New Religions seems to corroborate Sullivan’s central claim that religion is an ineradicable impulse that, if suppressed or defeated in one form, will be reborn in other forms, many not preferable to their predecessors. Another new religion is Aum Shinrikyo, whose followers fumigated the Tokyo subway with sarin gas, killing 13 commuters, in 1995. (Then again, considering the destructiveness of the old civil religion—Shinto militarism killed literally tens of millions in just a few years— the shinshūkyō might deserve some slack.)

Less persuasive, though, are Sullivan’s two other claims about New Religions, in the American context. The first is that liberalism lacks meaning and various forms of illiberalism (nationalism, theocracy, authoritarianism, etc.) do not. Sullivan’s other claim is that MAGA is best understood as a morally bankrupt religious movement that replaces the old Christian deity with the plutocratic Messiah now in the Oval Office.

Read: Selfishness is killing liberalism

The first claim is an old calumny against liberalism, repeated by virtually every illiberal movement. It is the political heir to the 800-year-old voluntarist-intellectualist debate in theology, which asked whether God was fundamentally a force of will or of reason—in the modern political transposition, of meaning or of procedure. Nazi philosophers favored meaning (“the triumph of the will”) and said that procedural liberalism, divorced from nationhood, was a Jewish, internationalist poison that would weaken the only true source of German power. Perhaps more surprising is that liberals with no Nazi sympathies often agree that their program is missing something very much like this élan identified by their enemies. Take, for example, Amy Chua, who writes that “the great Enlightenment principles of modernity—liberalism, secularism, rationality, equality, free markets—do not provide the kind of tribal group identity that human beings crave.”

This question is an empirical one: Does tribalism feed a deep human hunger that liberalism does not? Liberals, I think, give up too easily on this point. Defenders of the old liberal order are tired and jaded, it’s true—who can observe the iniquities and false promises of modernity without a loss of faith? But the contention that Enlightenment liberalism’s mojo has natural limits, and that illiberalism’s mojo is inexhaustible, seems to me at best debatable, with the evidence pointing away from Sullivan’s conclusion.
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LiEat - vgperson's Translations
LiEat (a portmanteau of "lie" and "eat") is a short freeware RPG by △○□× (Miwashiba) made in WOLF RPG Editor.
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Huawei freezes orders from Japan supplier after CFO arrest | The Japan Times
- or is this retribution against western aligned countries and a move towards 2025 government plan?
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Japan is close to passing immigration reform for foreign workers — Quartz
Never going to happen.
A bunch of old Japanese men would sooner die due to lack of effective nursing staff than let Pinoys live among them.
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