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RT : Just in: 2019 was the 3rd warmest January on record for the globe, says
January  from twitter
3 days ago by tobym
RT : SEE: Map of 2019 Global Significant Events from
January  Climate  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by dalcrose
> a nervous, obligated curiosity

> We had witnessed the end of its long southbound journey out of mundanity and darkness. It was one more of the small, strange, lit up events the city offers, the tree like a hallucination, devoured by the darkening avenues, brought in to offer a visible reason to exclaim about something, the city inventing something upon which to rejoice.

> The holidays feel overwhelmingly personal, but perhaps the best thing about them is that they are not personal at all.

> look to the unnamed days of January and February
holidays  helena-fitzgerald  january  nyc  february  christmas 
13 days ago by jasdev
Romania, the land of no return | Matthew Engel
Known for corruption, orphans and Dracula, Romania wants to become a modern nation, but while its people keep leaving it doesn’t stand a chance.
30th  january  2019  matthew  engel  romania  new  statesman  politics 
18 days ago by pnjman
MacBook Air (2018) review: Testing the 1.6GHz dual-core Core i5 laptop | Macworld
In fact, it would be more accurate to call this a 13-inch MacBook than an all-new MacBook Air. Depending on how you look at it, this is either a great up-sized upgrade to the 12-inch MacBook, or a disappointing reinvention of the MacBook Air that throws out half of the things we really loved about it
2019  January  macbookair  review 
19 days ago by jmbond
Real Journey Time, Real City Size, and the disappearing productivity puzzle | Tom Forth
For a year we’ve been tracking most of the buses and trams in The West Midlands; the UK city region centred on Birmingham. We do it by polling the live departure screens that you see at bus stops, even at stops where they aren’t installed.
28th  january  2019  tom  forth  birmingham  productivity  data 
21 days ago by pnjman
Britain must not let Brexit distract us from being horrible to two boys who escaped the Taliban | Mark Steel
You can understand the Home Office playing hardball. Boys often run away across continents and almost suffocate, pretending terrifying regimes have taken control of their house.
politics  mark  steel  independent  31st  january  2019 
22 days ago by pnjman

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