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Updated: Electro Unchained! Get a good look at Jamie Foxx as the villain of The Amazing Spider-Man 2! - Movie News | JoBlo.com
So, there you have it. I'm looking forward to seeing what concoction they come up with for Paul Giamatti's Rhino as they've certainly been consistent with coming up with some odd choices for the villains thus far. It's getting a little tiring watching these productions jump straight to Marvel's Ultimate line to find a more "realistic" costume for their characters, though. I feel that Joss Whedon struck a nice balance for The Avengers (Hawkeye aside) and wish more comic adaptations would follow that model (Yes, I'm looking at you, X-MEN franchise).
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june 2013 by rufous
First Pictures Of Jamie Foxx As Electro From “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ | Confessions of a Nerf Herder
Definitely an interesting, eerie, unique look. It appears that director Marc Webb is going the ‘Ultimate’ route with the character, scrapping the bright yellow and green costume associated with the earlier versions of the character. I’d also expect to see some added effects work in post-production.
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june 2013 by rufous
6 Cheap Acting Tricks That Fool The Critics Every Time | Cracked.com
'There comes a time in every major actor's career when they attempt to put the lighthearted comedies and inane chick flicks behind them and tackle a more serious role.'
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The Soloist
Want to know me… or know me better? Know that I LOVE movies. I see matinee movies, midnight movies, back-to-back movies, dollar movies, IMAX movies, sneak-peak movies. I LOVE movies. God speaks to me through movies - always has. Want to reach me? Speak my language? Move me? Do it through a movie. That’s why I’m excited to be sending one of my interns to Hollywood.

Anyway, there is a movie that has got my attention and I’ve started to tell my friends about it. It features two of my favorite actors: Jamie Foxx (a gifted actor, comedian and musician) and Robert Downey, Jr. The movie is called “The Soloist” and looks like a great film. I can’t wait to see it. Spread the word!


On another note, I am thrilled to have our Christmas production out of the way. It went well. We had some power outages due to wind for the 2 hours leading up to the first show, but miraculously they stopped once it was go-time. We do have Christmas Eve services, but they should be relatively light and simple. Tonight we have our Worship & Arts Christmas Party and will be watching a highlight video of the past year. Should be fun.
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