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walk away a savior
By the time Lindsey gets to the rooftop and flings open the door, she's out of breath and the stitch in her side is fucking killing her. What's the point of being a superhero if she still has to take the stairs like everyone else?
podfic  audiofemme  s:port_newark  b:andeincascade  b:lucifuge5  c:rhea314  lindsey_ballato  jamia_nestor  frank_iero  gerard_way  superheroes  superpowers  501-1000  lindsey_ballato_gerard_way  frank_iero_jamia_nestor  lindsey_ballato_jamia_nestor  2013  r  bandom  my_chemical_romance  mindless_self_indulgence 
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find your own path to heaven
They meet in the city, and Frank can't help but breathe a sigh of relief. He couldn't have handled going out to California. Not for this.
b:lucifuge5  b:andeincascade  frank_iero  gerard_way  jamia_nestor  bandom  my_chemical_romance  1001-5000  frank_iero_jamia_nestor  r  catharsis  2013  band_as_family  breakup 
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Module 4 - bad_peppermint - Adam Lambert (Musician), My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]

As far as Tommy's concerned, his illustrious prep school's only redeeming feature is Adam. Adam who goes through the same shit Tommy does, being a werewolf; the bullying and the discrimination and the beat-downs. Adam who's sweet and nice and lets Tommy talk him into sneaking off school property at night to go see bad rock shows at seedy dives. But even Adam can't contain all the helpless rage Tommy's starting to carry around with him, so when Tommy meets local punk kid and fellow werewolf Frank, Tommy throws himself head first into a world of bad attitudes and worse ideas. And even though Adam's reluctant, Tommy could not be more psyched. He's finally found people he fits in with. It's the best time of his life, even though they all know it's just a matter of time before it all goes wrong.
fandom:Adam_Lambert  fandom:bandom  fandom:MCR  fandom:Tommy_Joe_Ratliff  frank_iero  jamia_nestor  tommy_joe_ratliff  big_bang  crossover  pairing:adam/tommy  pairing:frank/jamia  adam_lambert  50k  author:bad_peppermint 
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permutations (n!)
She teases him, flinging her dark hair back, mouth wet and open, shifting and playing the audience, playing him. Coy glances out of the corner of her eye, that cat-who-got-the-cream smile. It makes him hard—harder; he's been that way since she first stepped out on stage, hands clasped demurely behind her back and bass slung across her body. Just like Frank, damn her. Damn them both.
g:melusina  birthday  podfic  c:andincascade  b:andeincascade  lindsey_ballato  jamia_nestor  frank_iero  gerard_way  mindless_self_indulgence  bandom  my_chemical_romance  family  teasing  polyamory  1001-5000  lindsey_ballato_frank_iero_jamia_nestor_gerard_way  nc17  2012  ND 
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1001-5000  2012  2013  20k  501-1000  50k  adam_lambert  audiofemme  author:bad_peppermint  author:lalejandra  b:andeincascade  b:lucifuge5  band_as_family  bandom  big_bang  birthday  breakup  brendon_urie  c:andincascade  c:reena_jenkins  c:rhea314  catharsis  crossover  fall_out_boy  family  fandom:adam_lambert  fandom:bandom  fandom:fob  fandom:mcr  fandom:tommy_joe_ratliff  frank_iero  frank_iero_jamia_nestor  g  g:melusina  gerard_way  greta_salpeter  kidfic  lindsey_ballato  lindsey_ballato_frank_iero_jamia_nestor_gerard_way  lindsey_ballato_gerard_way  lindsey_ballato_jamia_nestor  mikey_way  mikey_way_pete_wentz  mindless_self_indulgence  my_chemical_romance  nc17  nd  not_fic  pairing:adam/tommy  pairing:frank/jamia  pairing:multiple  pairing:pete/gerard  panic_at_the_disco  pete_wentz  podfic  polyamory  r  ray_toro  s:port_newark  spencer_smith  superheroes  superpowers  teasing  the_hush_sound  tommy_joe_ratliff 

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