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‘DJ culture became weaponised elevator-music’: how Despacio is fighting EDM | Music | The Guardian
A collaboration between LCD Soundsystem and Soulwax, Despacio plays deep disco and classic rock but, with a rig heavier than Metallica’s, it holds its own against the big drops of mainstream DJs
Despacio  profile  clubbing  music  JamesMurphy  DewaeleBrothers  Guardian  2018 
may 2018 by inspiral
The 10 Best LCD Soundsystem Songs (Stereogum, 5/15/2013)
It's kind of a stretch to connect James Murphy's most recent dismissal of an LCD Soundsystem reunion with the release of “Get Lucky", which happened within a
lcdsoundsystem  jamesmurphy 
october 2015 by davidkoren
James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem to Open a Wine Bar in Brooklyn (NYT, 5/12/2015)
James Murphy, the former brain behind LCD Soundsystem, is a restless seeker of food and wine who is opening a wine bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
jamesmurphy  lcdsoundsystem  fourhorsemen  williamsburg 
october 2015 by davidkoren
FWA winner | Subway Symphony
James Murphy and Heineken made this site to turn NYC's turnstile beeps into music. It features an interactive demo of the new sounds, a dynamic timeline reflecting the growing support, and live documentary content.
JamesMurphy  Heineken  experiential  NewYork  subway  alcohol  beer  CreativeShowcase  FWA  2015 
august 2015 by inspiral
Articles: You Were There: The Complete LCD Soundsystem (Pitchfork, 3/28/2011)
We mark the end of James Murphy's band with a song-by-song account of its remarkable run.
lcdsoundsystem  jamesmurphy  losingmyedge  music 
august 2015 by davidkoren
What If New York's Transit Din Was a Subway Symphony (PSFK, 6/19/2015)
Murphy partnered with Heineken as part of its Open Your City campaign to improve urban cities
jamesmurphy  lcdsoundsystem  newyorkcity  subway  audio  music 
june 2015 by davidkoren
FWA winner | US Open Sessions
IBM collaborated with James Murphy on a project called IBM's U.S. Open Sessions. James worked to turn live gameplay tennis data collected via the IBM Cloud into real-time music.
IBM  Technology  cloudcomputing  microsite  music  JamesMurphy  creativeshowcase  FWA  2014 
september 2014 by inspiral
US Open Sessions | 2014 US Open Official Site - A USTA Event - Official Site by IBM
IBM and musician James Murphy are turning US Open match data into live streaming music in real time with the IBM Cloud.
tennis  JamesMurphy  datavisualisation  audio  music  IBM  creativeshowcase  USOpen  2014 
august 2014 by inspiral
Inside James Murphy and 2ManyDJs' Insane Audiophile Soundsystem | SPIN | Interviews
This one goes to 11 (feet): 2ManyDJs' David and Stephen Dewaele talk Despacio, dubplates, and space disco
Despacio  soundsystem  music  JamesMurphy  DewaeleBrothers  Spin  2014 
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