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Creamy Southwestern Pumpkin Soup Recipe | MyRecipes
Very good. Used half the jalapeno and then added dried chipotle and dried hatch green chile powder to taste. Left out the milk altogether.
jalapeno  pumpkin  soup  potatoes  onion 
october 2018 by statone
Vegetarian Tortilla Soup recipe | Epicurious.com
use tortilla chips instead of just tortillas
double because this just serves 4. Very tasty. Added some corn, too.
vegetarian  soup  blackbeans  zucchini  jalapeno  onion  cilantro  tomatoes 
september 2018 by statone
White Chicken Chili recipe | Epicurious.com
pretty good - would make again. I like it without chicken. Could double the veggies, including adding bell pepper
chili  chicken  beans  cannellini  corn  jalapeno 
september 2018 by statone

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