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Designers are not users (Jakob Nielsen) - YouTube
Nielsen short video explaining the Designers are not users (and vv) thing
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march 2018 by pciszewski
K-pop Phenoms 4Minute Return with a New Agenda | NOISEY
Oft-mentioned as rare interview with *real* questions They've admitted to “giving up on male fans” in Korea—a move few girl groups would dare risk—and the result is their new mini-album Crazy. http://www.koreaboo.com/tv-shows/4minute-describes-comeback-album-nothing/ Performances in Korea are usually very regulated, either on the weekly TV shows or at a formal concert with lots of security. How did it feel getting out of that safety net and performing at Ellui [a hip Gangnam nightclub] the other night, just a few feet away from a giant mob of fans? Sohyun: Our recent tours in Europe were all at club venues. That’s when we realized how attractive a concert at a club could be. We actually prefer interacting with fans up close and being able to see their faces. Gayoon: We had a blast. Our European tour really changed our outlook on concerts. Before we thought performing at a big venue was life-changing. But after performing at club venues around Europe, we learned to appreciate the u
k-pop  4minute  korean  girl-groups  interviews  Jakob  Dorof 
march 2015 by thegrandnarrative
Flat design threatens tablet usability | News | .net magazine
My thoughts on Jakob Nielsen's tablet usability findings in news article
Me  usability  tablet  nielsen  jakob  from twitter
august 2013 by ttucker23

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