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Jack White - "Over and Over and Over" // Live at the Garage in London // 03.28.2018

Jack White live at The Garage, London
28th March 2018
‘Over and Over and Over’ taken from the album Boarding House Reach: http://smarturl.it/BoardingHouseReach
Directed by Tayo Rapoport and Josh Renaut
Producer: CHILD
Mixed by Brett Orrison

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june 2018 by walt74
Jack White Can’t Help Himself - The Ringer
Jack’s career since has been an exercise in mortality and, more recently, futility. As odd and polarizing as Meg’s minimalist approach to drumming could be, she undoubtedly brought out the best in him. Pair Jack with more conventional garage-rock badasses in bands like the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather, and he makes conventionally badass garage rock, workmanlike but frustratingly unspectacular. And leave him totally on his own — as on his previous solo albums, 2012’s Blunderbuss and 2014’s Lazaretto — and he sprawls out maniacally, indulging dozens of sonic ideas but fully committing to none of them. He can still be electrifying. But he is inevitably exhausting.
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