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be waking up by endquestionmark
The endless echoing yawn of the landscape, and its immutable emptiness: Rhys feels as if it could simply slam shut, a fault line correcting itself, and nobody would ever notice the difference.

Rhys feels, out here, as if he could disappear without a trace.
fanfic  borderlands  Jack/Rhys  au  character.death  gore  mind.fuck  ao3  cannibalism  words:10.000-20.000  blood.play  dub-con 
october 2017 by hatinjacket
poses by fightlikeagirl
Jack finds Rhys more than a little entertaining. Rhys is just trying to make next month's rent.
fanfic  borderlands  Jack/Rhys  PWP  prostitution  marking  cum.play  dirty.talk  lingerie  Moxxi  au  ao3  dub-con  words:5.000-10.000  humiliation  masturbation  author:fightlikeagirl 
february 2016 by hatinjacket
Rabbit Heart series by lasciel
Yvette, Vaughn, and Rhys hatch a scheme to use Rhys' sexual wiles to gain more influence in the company. Plans shift though when Rhys start feeling more attachment then expected.
fanfic  borderlands  Jack/Rhys  PWP  sex.toys  public.sex  voyagerism  exhibitionism  cuddling  marking  mating.heat  ao3  Vaughn/Rhys/Yvette  het  threesome  Jack/Rhys/Nisha  series  d/s  gun.kink  masturbation  daddy.kink  cunnilingus  bonding  tattoos  prosthetic  breathe.play  knotting  dirty.talk  fluff  after.care  words:75.000-100.000 
january 2016 by hatinjacket
+1.0 to Fire Rate by jettiebettie
“Here’s what’s gonna happen, Rhysie. You’re gonna lose the pants and hop your skinny ass up on the desk for me."

Rhys stares at him for a full five seconds before blinking. “What?”

“For the love of- This is my welcome back party, idiot. I’ve had a brawl, I’ve gotten shitfaced, and next on my list is getting laid. This body’s got a cherry to pop so congratulations, your greatest wish is about to come true.”
fanfic  borderlands  Jack/Rhys  pre-mature.ejaculation  ao3  over.stimulation  drug.abuse  dub-con  marking  pain.play  PWP  humor  rimming  words:<5.000 
january 2016 by hatinjacket
Consequences of Chemistry by ukcalico [Various Pairings | NC-17 | 19,596 words]
The team (and Rhys) have a night out, a game of pool and a few drinks, including some of Owen's home brewed alien wine, which turns out to be a powerful aphrodisiac. An orgy ensues. Oh wow, this is fantastic. It's mostly (incredibly hot) porn, but there is a lot of great insight into the characters and their relationship dynamics, as well as a fantastic Owen POV. Ridiculously hot, and thoroughly enjoyable, with a great ending. Highly recommended.
fiction  Torchwood  a:ukcalico  wordcount(6):10.000-19.999  nc-17  tosh/owen  jack/ianto  gwen/rhys  tosh/gwen  gwen/tosh/owen  jack/rhys  tosh/owen/ianto  owen/gwen  jack/owen  jack/ianto/owen  threesome  sex!pollen  girl!oral  dirtytalk  dp  kink_bingo  mustreads  tosh/owen/gwen 
may 2011 by chaneen

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a:ukcalico  after.care  ao3  au  author:fightlikeagirl  blood.play  bonding  borderlands  breathe.play  cannibalism  character.death  cuddling  cum.play  cunnilingus  d/s  daddy.kink  dirty.talk  dirtytalk  dp  drug.abuse  dub-con  exhibitionism  fanfic  fiction  fluff  girl!oral  gore  gun.kink  gwen/rhys  gwen/tosh/owen  het  humiliation  humor  jack/ianto/owen  jack/ianto  jack/owen  jack/rhys/nisha  kink_bingo  knotting  lingerie  marking  masturbation  mating.heat  mind.fuck  moxxi  mustreads  nc-17  over.stimulation  owen/gwen  pain.play  pre-mature.ejaculation  prosthetic  prostitution  public.sex  pwp  rimming  series  sex!pollen  sex.toys  tattoos  threesome  torchwood  tosh/gwen  tosh/owen/gwen  tosh/owen/ianto  tosh/owen  vaughn/rhys/yvette  voyagerism  wordcount(6):10.000-19.999  words:<5.000  words:10.000-20.000  words:5.000-10.000  words:75.000-100.000 

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