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For All Your Days and Nights (I'm Gonna Be There)
Jared returns from a days-long hunting trip to learn that the chieftain of their tribe has passed away and Jensen, his best friend, is to succeed his father. As their new leader, he faces many challenges, including having to find a spouse. But before he settles down, Jensen asks for one night with Jared first. It turns into much more.
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9 hours ago by sometimesalways
How Jensen Had the Best Christmas Ever, Courtesy of Jared P.
Jared's determined to make sure Jensen has the best Christmas ever. [repost, first posted on livejournal 25/12/2009]
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yesterday by sometimesalways
How Jensen Saved Christmas (aka Stripper Santa)
Jared loses his holiday cheer. Jensen helps him get it back
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2 days ago by sometimesalways
Your Signal in the Distance
Life as a psychometric is more than just being a part of the Empaths. Jensen’s specialty is reliving the deaths of murder victims, which does him no favors except in his job as a Special Investigator with the Homicide Division. That’s why Jensen doesn’t do relationships of any kind. Doesn’t even try, just shuts himself off from natural emotions. He experiences enough of them at his crime scenes.

Hooking up with a stranger in a club helps to relieve the tension he carries from one murder to the next, but it complicates everything when the one-night stand, Jared, is tied to his next case. Being forced to deal with Jared cracks the facade of the well-built defenses Jensen has created to protect him from the side effects of his abilities. The way Jared slips inside overwhelms Jensen in ways he’d hadn’t known were possible, so his only option is to push Jared as far away as possible. That is, until Jensen begins to really feel.
spn  au  j2  rps  fic 
2 days ago by sometimesalways
Where the Love Light Gleams
Jensen and Jeff are happy together, running their toy store, but tensions are rising with the Christmas season. When a sad Jared comes into the store, he tugs on both of their hearts, but it turns out maybe it's a bit more than just that
j3  spn  fic  j2  jensen/jeff  au 
2 days ago by sometimesalways
The nature of my game
Jensen is a desk jockey in the Bureau of Organized Crime (B.O.C.), building a case on mob boss James Patrick Stuart with the help of undercover officer Danneel Harris, a surveillance team in the field, and a few confidential informants. Jared is the narcotics officer that impedes the operation with an interest in one of Stuart's new associates and worms his way under Jensen's skin after what could've been just a one-night stand.

With a host of police officers on Stuart's payroll, Jensen's doing his best to keep B.O.C.'s operation under wraps to see it through to the very end. A possibly messy, violent end.
spn  au  rps  j2  fic 
5 days ago by sometimesalways
This Bipolar Love Affair
Jensen tends bar at a local hangout that stays open too late and never has anything good happen in it - bad hookups, ugly fights, love gone sour. He thinks he's keeping Jared at length, but it's not really working. Jared definitely knows it's not.
au  rps  spn  fic  j2 
6 days ago by sometimesalways
Feel the Heat Coming Down
Jensen and Danneel are a pair of successful grifters with a long history of clean escapes. After stealing the wrong things from the wrong people, they're forced to take on a bank job to clear the debt. For the first time in their careers, they're not equipped for the task, especially when Jared becomes a major complication between the couple. He just might be the one thing standing between them and what could be Jensen’s dream for retirement.
rps  fic  j2/daneel  spn  au  j2 
6 days ago by sometimesalways
In Your Honor
Jensen walked away from the Pan Pacific Defense Corps when it was at the height of its legacy. Five years later, the Kaijus are still a threat and the jaegers are still losing. But one last-ditch effort to save the world brings Jensen face to face with his two greatest loves: Chevy Violet, the machine that's kept him safe for half his life, and Jared Padalecki, the new Commander who's not ready to let Jensen back in
fic  spn  rps  au  j2 
6 days ago by sometimesalways
Paranormal 101: How to Succeed in Ghost Hunting Without Really Trying
There are currently 19 paranormal TV shows broadcast across the world, and the Paranormal National Investigators of the Supernatural are no different. Led by Jensen Ackles, the show is a staple on the Travel Channel and of Jared’s TV (and masturbatory) habits. When there’s an opening in the crew, Jared jumps for the chance to join his ghost-hunting heroes. It’s not an easy transition into the cocky gang of paranormal experts, but Jared manages to find his way, and prove what he’s believed all along: ghosts are real. Written for Livejournal's RPF Big Bang.
spn  rps  au  fic  j2 
7 days ago by sometimesalways
When the World's Burned
The Walking Dead AU. Jared's been a loner for the last three years, meaning he has difficulties when he's stumbled upon a place that's willing to keep him
fic  j2  spn  au  rps 
10 days ago by sometimesalways
I Can Be Your Right of Way
Jared's stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a backpack and two feet that keep him walking down an empty highway. Until a stranger pulls up and offers him a ride.
j2  au  spn  rps  fic 
10 days ago by sometimesalways
Begin to begin again
Years after Supernatural ends, Jensen realizes that his job isn’t the only thing missing. He’s divorced, a lame-duck father, and living alone. He wakes often from long-ago memories of the boots and leather jacket he filled out back when he had purpose, dreams of the connection he had with the one who stood beside him through it all. When Jensen finds a spark of himself while reconnecting with his daughter, he is determined to make this new feeling stick with a cross-country trek in the driver's seat of the Impala.

Even as he’s weighted down by his own growing pains post-Supernatural, Jared meets Jensen in middle of Michigan, and they both dive into the same luxurious dream of seeing the country with nothing but time and pavement ahead of them. As Jensen and Jared rediscover themselves and their friendship, they uncover more between them that awakens buried feelings and lights a fire between them
spn  fic  j2  rps 
11 days ago by sometimesalways
Take Me By the Hand (While I Try to Understand Us)
Accidentally finding a friend's sex toy shouldn't be a big deal. Jared's more than willing to just forget about the whole thing and never talk about it again, and he can't figure out what the hell Jensen is so mad about. And things just seem to be getting worse as Jared tries to fix them. Until they get better. A lot better.
j2  fic  spn  rps 
11 days ago by sometimesalways
The lion at Starfell
Jensen, though he was only a seventh son and unlikely to inherit the throne of Redding, had a reputation that had spread to the surrounding countries. He was fearsome in battle, they said, and nigh invincible, the drumming sound of his mount at full gallop enough to strike terror in a grizzled soldier's heart. He'd been awarded the title of Dancer at age 23, one of eight titles given to only the strongest and most true of heart by the warrior monks of the Damascus Mountains. Jared had asked for Prince Jensen’s hand in marriage years ago, smitten by the legends and the reports of the man's beauty. His offer had been returned unread and unwanted. It was ironic that it had taken a badly battered army and the threat of extinction to achieve what all of Jared's riches had not. Jared would have what all that he wanted and Redding would have nothing
au  spn  j2  fic  rps 
13 days ago by sometimesalways
Mama this surely is a dream
summer heat, cropped jeans, and melted popsicles
rps  au  spn  j2  fic 
13 days ago by sometimesalways
Share the joy
Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was always supposed to happen. Either way, Jensen isn't too positive that this whip-cream-g-string thing was that great an idea, no matter whose birthday it was.
j2  fic  j2/daneel  rps  au 
13 days ago by sometimesalways
Got a Reflection with a Different Name
It's Dean Winchester's birthday, and Jared's gonna make sure it's one he never forgets.

In short, Non-AU J2 roleplay Wincest while celebrating Dean Winchester's birthday.
rps  j2  fic  wincest  spn 
13 days ago by sometimesalways

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