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1⃣岡山 #一森純
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3⃣町田 #髙原寿康
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5⃣栃木 #ジョニーレオーニ

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Slow build
Summary: Jensen always knows what Jared needs.
pwp  rps  fic  spn  j2 
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横浜FC #イバ
山口 #オナイウ阿道
山形 #小林成豪 #児玉剛 #小林成豪
岐阜 #田中パウロ淳一
福岡 #鈴木惇
岡山 #上田康太
徳島 #内田裕斗
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11 days ago by hiro
[Not] Everything is Rent
Jared and Jensen don't really know each other, yet their paths keep crossing over the holiday season. After a few random encounters, they decide to start meeting on purpose.

jensen/jared  J2  romance  first-time  NC-17  actor!jensen  actor!jared  first-kiss 
19 days ago by Misspookielo
Jensen and Jared decide to indulge their exhibitionism kink at SDCC. What could go wrong?3,597
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  established!relationship  sex!toys  asshole!misha  non-con 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
A Very Neighbourly Christmas
When Jensen and Jared meet Jeff, their new neighbour, they are definitely interested in getting to know him better...10,151
J2  j3  jensen/jared  jensen/jared/jdm  threesome  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  top!JDM  established!relationship  first-time  jealousy  possessive!jensen 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
Deep and Crisp and Even
Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn't a man to be tied down by material things. While filming The Walking Dead, he had his bike and his buddies to fill his free time. When he could get away, he had his animals at his farm in upstate New York. And whenever their hectic schedules aligned, he had his boys.

Jared and Jensen had hit it off with Jeff their first day together on Supernatural, and that connection continued off set - right into the bedroom. When Jeff left Vancouver, he also left the boys - on good terms - and Jared and Jensen had happily maintained their own relationship as a couple. The three still got together whenever they could though, and this time, the boys were headed to NY to spend Christmas weekend with Jeff at his farm.
jensen/jared  J2  j3  jensen/jared/jdm  bottom!Jared  bottom!jensen  top!JDM  established!relationship  NC-17  porn  threesome  christmas 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
Like a Moth to a Flame
Jared Padalecki’s going places. Jensen Ackles is definitely not. What happens when the boys get paired together for a major project worth almost half their grade? With Jensen refusing to do a thing and Jared desperate to do well, one of two things can happen. Their opposing personalities can clash in a serious way, or they may can discover things about themselves—and each other—they never saw coming.7,967
jensen/jared  J2  romance  friends-to-lovers  abuse  tattoo  highschool 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
On Holiday
The first rule of personal security is Never let your guard down. Second rule: Never fall in love.

Jensen does both with megalomaniac superstar Jared Padalecki.
jensen/jared  J2  bodyguard!jensen  first-time  humor  protective!jensen 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
[I See Myself] Where You Are
Jensen Ackles is a space pirate. He and his crew call the Jaybird their home. They keep a low profile for the most part, only getting into enough trouble to get paid, but they might bite off more than they can chew when Jensen takes advantage of an opportunity to rob a dangerous mob boss. The heist goes smoothly enough, filling their hold with crates of goods to sell, until they discover that some of their loot is not actually loot at all, but a person.22,140
jensen/jared  J2  non-con  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  romance  protective!jensen  space  first-time  age!difference 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
Finding Home
Jared and Genevieve were best of friends they grew up with one another and considered each other family that all changed when Jared came out to his family that he was gay. He lost everything that day. It wasn't until he met Adrianne and later Jensen Ackles did he find a new place to belong, a new family.5,617
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  first-time  homophobia  emotionally!hurt!jared  protective!jensen  romance  stripper!Jared 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
The Double-Dog Dare... or How Misha Collins Changed Jensen's Life
Neither one of them is gay, but it starts with a drunken dare. Jensen grabs Jared's crotch right in front of everyone. Jared can't let that go. The next day he sneaks up behind Jensen wraps his arms around him. He runs his hands all over Jensen right in front of the crew.

They keep one-up each other with more and more risqué public behavior. (ie: kissing, dirty talking, French kissing, groping, climbing into laps, frottage, hand down pants, go crazy!) It gets funnier, more embarrassing, thrilling, to seriously turned-on, but neither one of them can let the other win! Someone finally goes too far.......
jensen/jared  J2  friends-to-lovers  humor  first-time  NC-17 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
Baby It's Cold Outside
The Js are forced to sleep at night huddled together for warmth (power failure? Natural disaster? Apocalypse?) and the snuggling leads to something more, even though neither has been with a man before.
jensen/jared  J2  first-time  friends-to-lovers  romance  pining 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
Jealousy and Confusion
Jared has a crush on Jensen, but is convinced that Jensen and Chris are more than just friends.
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  friends-to-lovers  first-time  virgin!jared  jealousy 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
How’s It Gonna Be
Things are good between Jared and Jensen… until they’re not. Jared assumes things and makes some rash choices.
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  cheating  established!relationship  break-up  emotionally!hurt!jared  emotionally!hurt!jensen  hurt/comfort 
20 days ago by Misspookielo
Light Up The Sky
Jared finds a strange object in the forest and takes it home, not knowing how much his life was about to change.2,761
jensen/jared  J2  dragon!jensen  dragon  romance  cute  protective!jensen  protective!Jared 
20 days ago by Misspookielo

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