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7 weeks ago by charlsy
In memoriam... ☠️


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7 weeks ago by gillesdemarty
Design System Checklist
Build better design systems. An open-source checklist to help you plan, build and grow your design system.
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9 weeks ago by dlkinney
Axhub Charts Pro V1.0.5
Axhub Charts Pro V1.0.5

基于 Antv,ECharts 等实现的一款 Axure 图表元件库,以便快速实现数据可视化的原型设计


超丰富:支持 Antv G2/G6/F2/L7、 EChart 、Highcharts 等超 1000+种 图表及可视化组件

超方便: 跟 PPT 一样修改数据和样式,持 80+ 配置项,不用折腾内联框架

高保真:js 实现,100% 还原前端交互与动画

高性能:js 实现,多图同屏也不卡顿,可离线使用,商务演示必备
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12 weeks ago by akai

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