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ECM Records | News
Jazz pianist, composer and critic Ethan Iverson appears on ECM recordings with the Billy Hart quartet. He signs the second edition of ECM's streaming playlist “Artist’s Choice” with a selection of 50 tracks, presented in a chronological order, accompanied by fine personal stories.
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april 2018 by kbrobeck
What should a book be? | The Bookseller
We like to think of Editions At Play as a place for book lovers, tech geeks and design freaks. A collaboration between Visual Editions and Google Creative Lab, Editions At Play will launch this December with four titles: a book that travels by Reif Larsen; a book that takes sides by Joe Dunthorne and poet Sam Riviere; a book that’s unstable by début writer Alan Trotter (all via Visual Editions); and a new book that keeps unfolding, by publishing partners Penguin Random House and London- based independent record label Lex Records. Each of the titles uses existing web technology, lives on its own URL and is designed to be read on Android and iOS browsers. They are a mix of engaging, funny and sad stories that, we hope, readers will find surprising and delightful.
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november 2015 by sentinelle

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