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After Cohen's testimony, how much longer can Ivanka Trump play dumb? | Salon.com
Ivanka benefits from what sociologists call "benevolent sexism," defined as "a form of paternalistic prejudice" that holds that "women are purer and nicer than men, but also mentally weaker and less capable." Benevolent sexism is about being generous and rewarding to women who adhere to traditional gender roles and who present as being non-threatening, unintelligent and submissive.

Benevolent sexism often turns into hostile sexism, or misogyny, when women reject traditional gender roles. That's why, for instance, conservatives hate Hillary Clinton while adoring Ivanka Trump. The latter plays up to their ideas of what a "good" woman should be — a dutiful daughter, in this case — but the former, by running for office and embracing overtly feminist politics, is despised.

Even the "liberal media's" tendency to portray Ivanka as a little dim -- as a pampered princess who doesn't know how dumb she sounds at times -- ultimately helps her. It allows her to skirt responsibility for any role she played in the Trump Organization's shadier dealings and to smile prettily at the cameras while her brother is called to testify — and therefore risk committing perjury — before Congress.
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23 days ago by ernie.bornheimer
Ivanka Trump says she backs minimum wage -- but not handouts for those ‘unwilling to work’ | Fox News
“I support a minimum wage. I do not however believe in a minimum guarantee for people ‘unwilling to work’ which was the question asked of me.”
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25 days ago by brycecovert
The Health 202: Ivanka Trump pushes 'bipartisan agreement' on paid family leave - The Washington Post
“It’s encouraging to see members on both sides of the aisle putting forward paid family leave proposals," Ivanka Trump said, a statement provided to The Health 202. "Twenty-five years after [the Family Medical Leave Act] was passed we finally have bipartisan agreement on the importance of paid leave for working parents. Now we are seeking to build consensus around policy that can garner enough votes to be passed into law."
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5 weeks ago by brycecovert
RT : While her father is engaged in a trade war with China, presidential adviser receives patents from the Chine…
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9 weeks ago by sjenkins

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