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The Unofficial Apple D&B Update Schedule - Apple Lies to New Developers
Сайт, на котором рассказывается причина 2-ънедельных проверок данных о компаниях + календарь этих проверок. Если он корректный, то по нему можно предсказывать скорость регистрации аккаунта
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june 2018 by gregoryvit
Apple iTunesConnect analytics API client.
itunesconnect  node  analytics 
july 2017 by Jeunj
osx - Mac Terminal: Loop through subdirectories and optimise all images - Super User
find . -type f -name '*.PNG' -exec sips --resampleWidth 2732 --resampleHeight 2048 {} \;
resize  images  Automation  automator  itunesconnect 
november 2016 by klauslanza
Notes on the Developer Portal. For Dummies. - Alberto De Bortoli
After having read this post you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of what and why you need to setup in terms of certificates and provisioning profiles for building an iOS app on device or for archiving for release. If not, at least you have some handy tutorial for dummies. Let’s start from scratch. No keys, no certificates, no provisioning profiles, clean Mac install.
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march 2016 by mdonahue

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