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Setup - Reporter and Autoingestion User Guide
java command line tools for downloading sales reports
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november 2015 by chrispix
iOS8 Day-by-Day :: Day 30 :: App Previews - ShinobiControls Website
This post is part of a daily series of posts introducing the most exciting new parts of iOS8 for developers - #iOS8DayByDay. To see the posts you've missed check out the introduction page, but have a read through the rest of this post first!
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november 2014 by pitiphong_p
KrauseFx/deliver · GitHub
Updating your iOS app should not be painful and time consuming. Automate the whole process to start with Continuous Deployment.

Deliver can upload ipa files, app screenshots and more to the iTunes Connect backend, which means, you can deploy new iPhone app updates just by using one command.
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november 2014 by dkalachov
iTunes Connect App Manager
Compose and upload your iOS and/or OS X app’s descriptions for the app stores with a responsive, native app.

Managing screenshots with drag & drop. Updating localizations without waiting for page loads. Add sale price intervals via a convenient date picker.
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april 2014 by thijsniks
'''Connecter is an OS X app to help you interact with iTunes Connect’s Transporter binary, which allows you to interact with app metadata in iTunes Connect.'''
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february 2014 by wolfrentzsch

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