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DARPA Wants to Find Botnets Before They Attack
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on Aug. 30 awarded a $1.2 million contract to cybersecurity firm Packet Forensics to develop novel ways to locate and identify these hidden online armies. The award comes as part of the agency’s Harnessing Autonomy for Countering Cyber-adversary Systems program, a DARPA spokesperson told Nextgov. Through the HACCS program, DARPA aims to build a system that can automatically pinpoint botnet-infected devices and disable their malware without their owners ever knowing. Launched in 2017, the program is investing in three main technologies: systems that uncover and fingerprint botnets across the internet, tools that upload software to infected devices through known security gaps, and software that disables botnet malware once it’s uploaded. Packet Forensics’ technology falls under that first category, the DARPA spokesperson said.The effort is scheduled to last to four years, with the first phase running 16 months. Later phases include additional funding.
defense one, 12.09.2018
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Equation APT Group Attack Platform A Study in Stealth
Today, researchers at Kaspersky Lab released a deeper analysis of the older attack platform used by the Equation group [NB:]. EquationDrug is a complete platform that is selectively installed on targets’ computers. It is used to deploy any of 116 modules (Kaspersky says it has found only 30 so far); the modules support a variety of cyberespionage functions ranging from data exfiltration to monitoring a target’s activities local activities and on the Web. “The architecture of the whole framework resembles a mini-operating system with kernel-mode and user-mode components carefully interacting with each other via a custom message-passing interface. The platform includes a set of drivers, a platform core (orchestrator) and a number of plugins,” Kaspersky researchers wrote in a report. Kaspersky researchers said they also studied code artifacts and analyzed timestamps inside EquationDrug, concluding from a limited number of text strings they were able to deobfuscate that the attackers are native English speakers. The link timestamps also demonstrate its developers generally worked a Monday through Friday 9-5 work week in the UTC-3 or UTC-4 time zone.
threatpost, 11.03.2015
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march 2015 by kraven
Massive, Decades-Long Cyberespionage Framework Uncovered
The Equation Group has a massive, flexible and intimidating arsenal at its disposal. Along with using several zero days in its operations, the attack crew also employs two discrete modules that enable them to reprogram the hard drive firmware on infected machines. This gives the attackers the ability to stay persistent on compromised computers indefinitely and create a hidden storage partition on the hard drive that is used to store stolen data. At the Security Analyst Summit here Monday, researchers at Kaspersky presented on the Equation Group’s operations while publishing a new report that lays out the inner workings of the crew’s tools, tactics and target list. The group’s toolkit includes components for infection, a self-propagating worm that gathers data from air-gapped targets, a full-featured bootkit that maintains control of a compromised machine and a “validator” module that determines whether infected PCs are interesting enough to install the full attack platform on.
threatpost, 16.02.2015
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NSA/GCHQ: Das HACIENDA-Programm zur Kolonisierung des Internet
Portscans sind ein bekanntes Tool und werden regelmäßig eingesetzt, um Schwachstellen in lokalen Systemen zu finden. Neue, als streng geheim klassifizierte Dokumente des britischen Geheimdienstes General Communication Headquarter (GCHQ), die heise online exklusiv vorliegen, zeigen jetzt, dass Geheimdienste das Scannen offener Ports ganzer Länder als Standardtool einsetzen. Das breit angelegte Ausspähen verschiedenster Dienste, samt der verfügbaren Dienstinformationen über das gesamte Netz hinweg, zeigt, dass das Ziel die aktive Kartierung und Sammlung verletzlicher Systeme weltweit ist und nicht etwa Aufklärung zu bestimmten Zielsystemen oder Personen. Mit der Vorbereitung von Attacken auf Dienste, auf die mittels SSH oder SNMP zugegriffen wird, greifen die Spione kritische Infrastrukturen an, wie zum Beispiel die für die Netzwerkbetrieb notwendigen Systeme. Die heise online vorliegenden, streng geheimen Dokumente beschreiben das LANDMARK-Programm, welches vom kanadischen Geheimdienst CSEC zur Expansion verdeckter Infrastruktur betrieben wird. Die verdeckte Infrastruktur besteht aus sogenannten Operational Relay Boxes (ORBs), die verwendet werden, um den tatsächlichen Aufenthaltsort eines Angreifers zu verschleiern, wenn die Five Eyes Exploits gegen Ziele einsetzen oder Daten stehlen. Beim GCHQ ist die Jagd nach ORBs als Teil des MUGSHOT-Programms organisiert.
c't, 15.08.2014
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