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Sustainable Python scripts | Vincent Bernat
Turning a “quick-and-dirty” Python script into a sustainable version, which will be easy to use, understand and support by your co-workers and your future self, only takes some moderate effort.
3 hours ago by gdw
Untitled (
A predicate transformer semantics for effects (Functional pearl). ~ W. Swierstra, T. Baanen.
Agda  ITP  from twitter_favs
7 hours ago by skchrko
How to Get Good at Git - Better Programming - Medium
A simple guide to getting up and running with Git on the command-line
git  github  gitlab  simple  guide  itp  wpd 
6 days ago by gdw
GNU Mailman / HyperKitty · GitLab
A web interface to access GNU Mailman v3 archives.
email  interface  mailman  python  itp  django 
6 days ago by gdw
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A verified compiler from Isabelle/HOL to CakeML. ~ L. Hupel, T. Nipkow. /HOL
ITP  Isabelle  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by skchrko
University of Twente - Backend Unavailable
A formal proof of the termination of Zielonka's algorithm for solving parity games. ~ R. Abraham.
IsabelleHOL  ITP  from twitter_favs
11 days ago by skchrko
[1904.02809] Proving tree algorithms for succinct data structures
Proving tree algorithms for succinct data structures. ~ R. Affeldt, J. Garrigue, X. Qi, K. Tanaka.
Coq  ITP  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by skchrko
Complete Non-Orders and Fixed Points - Archive of Formal Proofs
Complete non-orders and fixed points in Isabelle/HOL. ~ A. Yamada, and J. Dubut.
IsabelleHOL  ITP  from twitter_favs
21 days ago by skchrko

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