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An architecture for building themes based on carefully chosen syntax highlighting using a base of sixteen colours. Base16 provides a set of guidelines detailing how to style syntax and how to code a builder for compiling base16 schemes and templates.
color  iterm  macos 
17 days ago by soto97
~ soft aesthetic ~
🌸 soft aesthetics for development and creation environments - ~ soft aesthetic ~
chrome  coding  vscode  atom  emacs  IFTTT  iterm  Pocket  slack  theme 
22 days ago by atran
TomAnthony/itermocil: Create pre-defined window/pane layouts and run commands in iTerm
Create pre-defined window/pane layouts and run commands in iTerm - TomAnthony/itermocil
iterm2  iterm  panel  window  pane  cli 
5 weeks ago by jimthedev
MacTerm - Terminal Replacement for macOS / OS X
Powerful replacement for macOS Terminal, supporting 24-bit color, standard graphics protocols and iTerm2 image sequences and color schemes.  Written by Kevin Grant.
macos  terminal  software  cli  iterm 
8 weeks ago by wjy
macOS – Operation not permitted /tmp not writable – iExplain
With macOS Mojave, there are new security settings that make using the terminal or iTerm2 next to impossible unless you add it to allow for Full Disk Access to get rid of the rather cryptic Operation not Permitted /tmp not writable error
Security  macos  privacy  fulll-disk-access  iterm  crontab 
8 weeks ago by phatblat

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