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c++ - How do I create a range from a begin and end iterator? - Stack Overflow
class FacadeClass {

const RealClassWithErrBeginEnd &r;


FacadeClass(const RealClassWithErrBeginEnd &r) : r(r) {}

auto begin() const { return r.err_begin(); }
auto end() const { return r.err_end(); }
c++  facade  iterator  begin  end 
10 days ago by suhlig
getify/fasy: FP iterator helpers that are async/generator aware
FP iterator helpers that are async/generator aware - getify/fasy
async  await  iterator  generator  fp 
4 weeks ago by jimthedev
Effective Kotlin: Use Sequence for bigger collections with more than one processing step
People often miss the difference between Iterable and Sequence. It is explainable. Especially when you compare Iterable and Sequence definition: You can say that the only formal difference between…
kotlin  sequence  iterator  tutorial 
june 2018 by gilberto5757
Using async iteration natively in Node.js
async function main(inputFilePath) {
const readStream = fs.createReadStream(inputFilePath,
{ encoding: 'utf8', highWaterMark: 1024 });

for await (const chunk of readStream) {
console.log('>>> '+chunk);
console.log('### DONE ###');
async  iterator  iteration  node.js  streams  streaming 
april 2018 by nharbour

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