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transducerfun.clj · GitHub
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20 days ago by fmjrey
The Iterate Manual
"This manual describes iterate, a powerful iteration facility for Common Lisp. iterate provides abstractions for many common iteration patterns and allows for the definition of additional patterns. "
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5 weeks ago by slowbyte
Agile Needs to Be Both Iterative and Incremental
Scrum, like other agile processes, is both iterative and incremental. Neither one is that great alone, but together, they’re fantastic.
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8 weeks ago by markboulton
Samantha Bee Unveils This Is Not a Game: The Game App on Full Frontal – Rolling Stone
Samantha Bee unveiled her new civic engagement comedy trivia app, “This Is Not a Game: The Game,” on Wednesday’s Full Frontal, aiming to increase voter turnout before the 2018 midterm elections by incentivizing political knowledge. In the pre-filmed segment, the host showed the product’s development from concept to prototype to finished product.
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september 2018 by basemaly

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